Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The PEN Effect

The PEN Effect

Dear Friends, it is a real pleasure to be of assistance to you in your problem area or in your cluster zone of problems that often brings you down and lowers your esteem. Throughout my life I have seen and tasted problems of varying sizes that were always inflicting, constricting and restricting to my life especially as a young boy and then later on as an adult. Over the years I realised that to every problem there is a related solution. This is governed by one of The Laws of the Universe, which states that all problems are solvable.

Today I make available to you based on the Triangular Concept to Success the following periodicals carefully selected to overcome your trauma.
  • A Selection of carefully chosen exercise routines for you to follow on a daily basis. These exercises are acquired for your use and comes with a full money back guarantee. Each set is priced at £29.95. This price includes postage and the price paid to the fulfilment centre to create and package a high quality DVD. No money comes to me. There DVDs are as follows and depending on your circumstances you can choose any one of the following exercises to help you overcome your dilemma.

  • As a mentor, friend and author I shall provide you with daily recipes, 360 in total for you to prepare. These recipes are not confined to one cuisine but are in fact multicultural. Each week I shall give you a shopping list to purchase ingredients and a video to explain how to prepare each meal. Some meals cost as little as a £1 and can feed as many as five people.
  • I will also give you at no additional charge a copy of The Modern Day Trilogy which explains in simple words your purpose in life. It is a series of books that became the blueprint of my life and every question that remained an enigma for so long has been answered, such as – What happens when we die? Do aliens exist? Where was the Garden of Eden? There is nothing more to pay and the shipping and manufacture of these high quality DVD books is handled by the fulfilment Centre.
  • Depending on your specific problem I will direct you to a private blog where I shall post daily inspirational articles and videos to help you achieve your targeted goals.
  • At the end of your chosen challenge, be it a 90 day, 240 day or 360-day challenge I shall provide you with the following gifts.
  • A Pamper day at A Spa for two near you, where you will indulge in an extensive range of facilities such as the gym, swimming pool, massage, sauna and steam room.

  • A signed copy of a very limited edition of my book ’52 Steps to Success’ finished in an image wrap cover with durable library binding.
  • You will also receive a signed Giclee print, framed in a picture frame of your choice to match the decor of your room or study of your favourite Quote to be chosen from over 1700 Quotes all penned by myself.

  • You will also be entered into a competition to win one of three prizes.
  • A Three Night Dublin break for two.
  • A Two Night Lake District Escape for Two.
  • A one break for two at a five-star hotel in Mayfair, London.
  • At the end of your challenge all I ask is for a written testimonial of your success story so that I could share them with other universal friends.
To partake in such a challenge please send me an email to and I shall send you an eBook outlining further details of the challenge including the general terms and conditions. If you like you could also indicate the nature of your problem in your email so that I could direct you to a private blog where special inspirational and motivational articles pertinent to your problem maybe read on a daily basis.
Thank you sincerely for reading this article. You are under no obligation to use The PEN Effect but always remember when your back is against the wall just drop me a line and I shall be there for you. 

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