Sunday, 17 April 2016

Using the PEN Effect – Part 3

Using the PEN Effect – Part 3

Quote of the day

‘The number three, the first odd prime number, the first lucky prime number, the first super prime number, the first unique prime number, the first Fermat prime and the first Mersenne prime plays a pivotal role on our long journey to success. It is a long journey but doable, it is a challenging journey but enjoyable, it is an inhibiting journey but interesting and it is a methodological, logical and chronological journey not to be missed.’

A blessed welcome to your Sunday Dear Friends. It is wonderful to share an eventful day with you. Events are happening all over the world. The London to Brighton Marathon kicks off today and at the Brooklands Museum there is a gathering of over 100 vintage buses. I enclose the following pictures taken at Brooklands Museum today for your perusal:

Today as we conclude our three-part series called ‘Using the PEN Effect’ you will have access to an important strategy to turn your life around. This strategy based on the number three is a vital foundation to your overall success. The 1st is your purpose instead of your purchase in life. The 2nd is eating to fuel your goals rather than feasting to ruin your goals. The 3rd is exercising for energising rather than exercising for enterprising. 21 years ago I was probably in the worst predicament ever. I was penniless, homeless, unemployed, suicidal, bereaving, distraught, hungry, helpless, without friends and with a great deal of enemies. Before this I was financially well off, drove the most luxurious cars, owned an exclusive home and was a frequent jetsetter. Unfortunately, my foundation was weak. I was financially strong in pocket but substantially weak at heart. My spirituality was sound but my understanding of life was unsound. I did not know anything about the triangular concept to success. When I reached the height of my predicament at the age of 35 I realised an important facet of life. It was through a revelation that I realised that life is a journey governed by time. It is an earthly journey that lasts for 100 years, equated to 86,400 seconds per day. It is a journey that is governed by seasons. It is a journey were you encounter wickedness, crookedness, viciousness, mischievousness and destructiveness. It is a journey that can be fearful, tearful, sinful, awful, distressful, unlawful, unsuccessful, stressful and distasteful. As a child you don’t see these anomies and anomalies in life and place reliance on our parents, peers and elders for support. That support is not always the answer. Real support comes from the heavens above, as I discovered the hard way. Man uses you for financial gain and makes your earthly journey hard and demanding. He cannot guarantee you longevity, peace or happiness. I say onto you and verily too seek the right answers that gives you immense strength, wisdom and forbearance. Don’t fall into a trap and make unnecessary purchases. First determine your purpose. By doing this your long journey becomes doable. It becomes a challenging journey that is enjoyable. It becomes an inhibiting journey but also very interesting. It is a journey that will always be methodological, logical and chronological and a journey that you want to be part of. Today online stores and shopping malls are inundated with the wrong answers. There are inseparable diet plans that appear to work. There is a floodgate of exercises that are flanked with proven testimonials. Some are expensive, some are enticing, some are conniving, some are advising, some are reviving, some are antagonising and some are exciting. Dear Friends, my advice is to step into my shoes and walk the journey that I followed for the past 21 years. I am free from ailment, confinement, unemployment, disengagement, enslavement, negative bank statements and curtailment. I discovered and applied The Triangular Concept to Success. The Modern Day trilogy helped me to identify my Purpose. I followed an inventive dietary plan that created goodness in foods and demised the badness of foods. I worked in conjunction with my wife who is a celebrated chef to devise the correct method of Nutrition. I proclaimed a series of approved exercises routines which are bespoke to your needs and available without the hefty price. Following The PEN Effect changed my life. Now I want you to apply it to your predicament. Feeling depressed, stressed, unwanted, abused, in debt, insecure, unwell, unemployed or one of the many disengagements in life then I recommend The PEN Effect. I recommend it to suspend your pain, to comprehend your journey in life and to amend your negatives to create positives. If you are in such a predicament and need my daily support stay tuned in and await a special link to gain your vital tools to succeed. Tomorrow’s article is called the 90 – 180 – 360-day challenge. You chose your foundation block bespoke to your needs. I will be by your side daily to support, motivate and inspire you. Have a wonderful evening. Will be returning home later this evening. Don’t hesitate to send a message if you need to contact me.

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