Friday, 29 April 2016

Workable Goals Vs Unworkable Goals

Workable Goals Vs Unworkable Goals

Quote of the day

‘The real difference between a workable goal and an unworkable goal is that one is doable where passion and desire is at a summit whilst the other is undoable where passion and desire is always at a trough or did not really exist in the first place.’

Welcome to the last working day of April 2016. Yesterday’s tweets must have alarmed you. It was very terse, lacked the usual verse and it seemed more like the converse of inspiration meaning it was rather disincentive. To the contrary, it was actually a prose of contrasting character that certainly made me think of my goals. It made me think of the following. Did I achieve my goals? Did I perceive my goals as they manifested into something real? Did I believe that I had the ability to accomplish them? It would appear that we all make the common mistake at the end of a year and that is to create goals. We tend to assume the responsibility of a goal without understanding its true ramifications. Every goal in life is attached to a responsibility. It requires determination, sacrifice, commitment and dedication. Goals are generally derived from a need, a desire or a passion. Without such a drive goals can slowly fizzle away. This is why I said yesterday, always step into a shoe that fits. Goals need to be realistic. You cannot become a grand slam winner at the age of 50 but you certainly can become very proficient at tennis. You cannot lose weight overnight. A good and recommended dietary plan can allow you to lose weight effectively rated at around 2kg per week. When creating goals, you need to start off with a dream. A dream is like a test drive of a goal.  When you awake you generally have an elated feeling, such a feeling drives you to pursue a goal. Your life is a precious gift bestowed upon you equated to 100 years or 86,400 seconds per day. How you manage your time on planet earth will generally surmise whether your goals will materialise or not. An unselfish goal will always materialise because it is energised with passion and desire. Use your weekend ahead of you to determine whether your goals are workable or unworkable. Focus on the workable goals and shelf the unworkable ones for later. When there is a valued need you can always review then. Doing this assessment of your goals will help you to achieve more rather than less. I wish you a wonderful weekend. Use it to say farewell to a bubbly month in April and also welcome the month of May into life.

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