Monday, 18 April 2016

The 90 – 180 – 360 - day challenge (Part 1)

The 90 – 180 – 360 - day challenge (Part 1)

Quote of the day

‘Taking on a challenge is like starting all over again. You identified the problem now you need to implement the solution. There is no hurry for haste always creates a trail of waste, generally of your valuable time and money. Therefore, a timeframe to suit your predicament must be merited by your own judgement.’

Welcome to the first day of a new working week from me Anthony Pan on my 57th birthday. It is great to have you on board as my eternal friend. We spoke about implementation in the past week and such an implementation was based on ‘The Triangular concept of Success’. Always remember that any implementation can only begin if you have a strong foundation. Yesterday when we spoke we highlighted that in order to succeed using the Triangular Concept of Success you need three core ingredients. These three core ingredients were Purpose, Exercise and Nutrition or abbreviated as the PEN Effect. These three core ingredients when mixed together in the right proportions will create a strong foundation for you to succeed. 21 years ago I had no access to these core ingredients. I never knew that they existed and that when mixed they will create a strong foundation. Strong foundations are vital to any aspect of your life. It is very much like planting a seed in fertile soil as opposed to throwing a seed onto the road. Without a strong foundation the seed will never grow. Likewise, without a strong foundation you will never succeed. It is very much like concrete which is made up of three core ingredients namely aggregate, cement and water. To create a strong foundation using concrete you need to use the three core ingredients in the right proportions. Likewise, to create a real success story in your life you need a strong foundation made up of Purpose, Exercise and Nutrition. These were laws that were passed down from generation to generation but suppressed so that only a few could benefit from them. I knew that Nutrition and Exercises existed in different forms made popular in those days by the likes of Floyd and Jane Fonda respectively. The purpose of my life was a huge enigma for me because I always placed reliance on man who limited my scope and my abilities. I was a vegetarian since the age of 18 but that was not good enough to understand the correct concept of eating. I was quite active in various forms of sport such as squash, jogging, cycling and karate but this was not good enough to be entirely fit. In an incredible revelation which I often call an elevation from a revelation I uncovered the secrets to success. I became fully aware of my purpose in life and about my existence. Slowly, I understood about equality amongst all and I comprehended the meaning of life. All of these incredible findings I documented and compiled later on into the three book series called The Modern Day Trilogy. The Modern Day Trilogy has been in circulation for over 20 years. It started off as a manual which was passed onto my students. With the purpose in my life more clearly defined finding the right method of eating and exercising was a lot easier, hence the PEN Effect. Help is out there but not all sources of help is genuine. The Internet may well be a source of information but it is also a source of imitation. People create sites to attract. They create eBooks to entice. They create offers with an attached price. Suddenly they become overnight Mentors, Speakers and Internet Marketers. The Internet then becomes a typical row of shops that offers something to lure you, to allure you, to obscure you and possibly reassure you. You then buy but eventually cry. You try and suddenly sigh. You read and then suddenly bleed with disappointment. You end up paying for something that does not hold a strong foundation to your life. You then lose confidence and experience a setback. The purpose of these recent articles was to make available to you a defined solution to your overall dilemma, if needed. Don’t despair when you know that life is really fair. Don’t lose hope when there is a lifeline to help you to cope. Ensure you have the right support with a real and valued purport. Latch onto something that means something. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls if you have a problem I want to assure you that a solution awaits you. I want to assure you that I am the only Author in the world that keeps in touch with his readers daily feeding them with fresh and relevant material. I live to aspire, inspire, motivate, formulate, fascinate, circulate, stimulate and alleviate you. Join me tomorrow for Part 2 of ‘The 90 – 180 – 360 - day challenge.’

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