Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The 90 – 180 – 360 - day challenge (Part 2)

The 90 – 180 – 360 - day challenge (Part 2)

Quote of the day

‘Everyone is a specialist in their field. However, happiness is not about specialising but rather about choosing, categorising and compromising. You need to start choosing the right meals and the right exercise routines, you then need to categorise your problem areas and finally you need to compromise your action plan.’

Welcome to all of you on this wonderful day. Thank you ever so much for the wonderful appreciation of my tweets. A special and private thank you is on its way to you very soon. To implement a strategy that works we need to make a crucial decision. Are we ready to choose, categorise and compromise? Are we ready to choose the right dietary plans and fortified that with the right exercise routine to be executed daily? My job is to motivate you daily. That is my commitment and promise to you. This is how it will work if you are willing to take The 90 – 180 – 360 – day challenge. Action plan 1. Every week you will be given a shopping list to buy the right ingredients to prepare the approved meals. To accompany this, you will be provided with hands on recipes to follow and prepare based on the ingredients you bought. Moderation and Consideration are your key players in this important stage of your life. Because sugar and wheat are actually poisonous to your system this will be eaten in strict moderation. If you are a vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant consideration will be given for you. Action Plan 2. You choose the exercise routine to suit you. There will be at least 6 to choose from which can be upgraded for free to the advanced series later on. You will be encouraged daily to eat correctly and to exercise proficiently. This will come in the form of daily tweets. Action Plan 3: To make this effective based on your predicament you will be directed to a private site designed to motivate and encourage you to overcome your dilemma. You will be provided with a free copy of The Modern Day Trilogy. After completing reading these books your purpose in life will be unveiled. Depending on the nature of your predicament you need to decide which challenge you want to take on. If your predicament is intense, then I suggest taking on the 360-day challenge. By the end of it you will be fit and debt free. If your predicament is moderate, then I suggest taking on 180-day challenge. By the end of it you will be fit and debt free. If your predicament is mild, then I suggest taking on the 90-day challenge. By the end of it you will be fit and debt free. To assist me in creating a bespoke Action Plan for you, you will be directed to a special & private link tomorrow. Fill out the simple questionnaire. Once completed you will be asked to choose 3 special gifts for taking on the challenge. These free gifts will be delivered to you at the end of your challenge. In return all I ask is your honest testimonial. If it worked for me 21 years ago, I am certain that it will work for you. Think how wonderful your life will become at the end of your challenge. If you don’t take on the challenge, please do continue to read my daily inspirational article and tweets in the usual way. April is the month of Activity. These articles were written specifically for those that may have given up on their predicament. It is intended to give hope where hope is needed. It is designed to invigorate where invigoration is needed. It is written with love, friendship and trust when love, friendship and trust has suddenly disappeared along the horizon. You are not obliged to take on the challenge but always remember that if you are faced with a problem a solution always awaits you. This is the primary objective of Universally Friendly, to care, to share and to remain fair. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow as we conclude the final instalment of The 90 – 180 – 360 - day challenge. Never lose hope. Never feel lonely. Don’t carry the burden on your own. Relive your live. Revive your hidden goals. Build on your abilities. Float on cloud nine whenever you want to. Always radiate a sense of positivity. Deliver your best. Seek longevity and then attend the realm of eternity. Enjoy every second of your earthly life and leave behind a legacy of good deeds for others to follow. Appreciate the wonders of life. Fill your abode with nodes of joy and happiness. Create a friend and eliminate an enemy. Empty the clutter in your life and fill the emptiness with freshness, newness and trueness. Love your life for it is your greatest gift. Live your life to the fullest for it is worth 86,400 seconds per day. Enjoy every second of your life from now on. Have a great and fruitful day. May victory await you in turbulent colours of Summer.

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