Saturday, 30 April 2016

Goodbye to April

    Goodbye to April

 ‘April 2016 had over 2016 reasons to create a sparkle in you to ignite your passion and desire, a twinkle in your heart to make you glow in the darkness of your life and a sprinkle of stardust in your imagination to create those wonderful dreams.’

It is a very sad experience for me to say farewell to another month in my life. To me April 2016 has been a wonderful experience I have learnt so much, indigested the right nutrients, digested new interpretations, tested the right exercises and requested the right solutions to my problems. For this reason, I chose the five most popular Quotes of April 2016, as voted by you and put them together to make more sense for you.

Quote Number 1 - ‘Capturing the Stillness of life makes you realise the realness of life. Stills creates thrills. It incites you to do similar and to become uniquely familiar.

Yes, Dear Friends we do need to be incited to do the right things in life. Doing the right things only strengthens your ability to become successful.

Quote Number 2: ‘Success does not come on a silver platter. It is built on a strong foundation and each segment of one’s personal success is built brick by brick. Failure always lures you to the overnight expectancies like a windfall or a miraculous financial discovery. It is built without a foundation and each segment of failure stands vulnerable. Complete failure occurs when all the bricks in the scheme come tumbling down.’

Dear Friends, if you continue to perform your duties correctly nothing will go wrong. You have to learn to be patient and develop a sense of endurance.

Quote Number 3: ‘Life is such a wonderful experience. Life Is Fun & Exciting. It is Fun because it is enjoyable and pleasurable. It is Exciting because it is stimulating, motivating, inspiring and electrifying. I am deeply honoured to be part of the chemistry of life.’

Dear Friends, if you understand the purpose to life then everything will easily slot into place.
Life is a precious gift bestowed upon, live and enjoy it.

Quote Number 4: ‘There is only one direction to succeed, it is very much like paddling downstream rather than upstream. It is very much like moving with the crowd rather than against them. It is very much like following a set of instructions rather than a set of destruction.’

Dear Friends, there is no need to reinvent the wheel to succeed in life. You just need mentoring, support and coaching. I called this the MSC approach to succeed. More about this in May 2016.

Quote Number 5: ‘The PEN Effect is the official 21st Century strategy to Succeed. The PEN Effect takes into account three Powers, each power needs to be used equally, strategically and legally. P Stands for the Pound in your pocket, E stands for Energy to perform assigned Exercises and N stands for Nutrition to power your ideology.

When your back is against the wall always apply the PEN Effect. It is an effective strategy to overcome your dilemmas. Later on you will discover that the purpose of your life outweighs the value of the pound in your pocket. Lose a pound and you will still be here to manufacture another pound. Ignore the purpose of your life and you shall eventually be no more. I hope and pray that you have enjoyed every minute of April 2016. Always value every second in your life. Have a great weekend.

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