Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Triangular Concept to Success – Part 2

The Triangular Concept to Success – Part 2

Quote of the day

‘The flight of an individual transcends a spiritual journey that has no boundaries of time and space and in that spiritual journey an individual goes through various rigorous tests resulting in unforeseen plights, nightmarish frights, delusional spites, unforgettable sights, selfish parasites, a deafening segregation called apartheid and a night not quite right.’

Welcome to your very special weekend where the sound of silence annuls the noise of the previous working week. I hope and pray that you are well, enjoying every second of your life. Today we shall continue with the three-part series called ‘The Triangular Concept to Success’. A triangle is a three sided geometrical figure. There are various types of triangles but the triangle that we are concerned about is the Equilateral Triangle. The Equilateral Triangle is an important triangle to meritocratic Goal Setters. An equilateral triangle has three equals sides. Each side equals to 60°.

To succeed in life, in other words to ensure a smooth spiritual journey throughout your existence we need to balance each side of the triangle. In other words, we need to keep each side of our working triangle to 60°. In ALL aspects of your wonderful career as a wonderful human being you need to maintain, sustain and contain. You need to maintain your health, you need to sustain your wealth and you need to contain your temperament. If you don’t you will encounter new experiences in life that may or may not bring you down. If you work in a kitchen you will know or eventually know that cleanliness, service and quality must be adhered to. If not your kitchen will fall into the hands of unforgettable sights and selfish parasites. Your output of good quality food will crumble. If you keep your body unhygienic then there is a good chance that you will face a night that is not right. Such a night is often restless, sleepless and senseless. The triangular concept of good hygiene is a Clean Mind, a Clean Body and a Clean Soul. The triangular concept to succeed is to think what you do, think what you would say and to think what you would ultimately do. If you don’t follow such a strict regime it is very likely that you will end up with nightmarish frights. Dear Friends, what I am trying to say is that every aspect of your life is governed by the triangular concept to succeed. Every aspect of your life is divisible by three major contributing factors. Each factor needs an equal amount of attention. To avoid unnecessary problems in life you need to divide your task into three components. Each component needs an equal amount of attention. Let us assume one of your tasks is to maintain your Car. What would you say are the three most important components of your car? I would say that it is Service, Driving and Cleaning. Keep your car clean and she will drive well. Service your car regularly and she will drive even better. Drive your car well and she will drive without a hitch. Tomorrow we shall conclude our 3-part article on The Triangular Concept to Succeed. Have a great evening.

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