Saturday, 16 April 2016

Using the PEN Effect – Part 1

Using the PEN Effect – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘All problems in life is divisible by The PEN Factor. If you understand your purpose in life, comprehend the right diet plan and recognise key exercises to get you in shape then The PEN Factor will take care of your problem.’

Please accept my sincere apologises for the late article. It is my birthday weekend so we are not at home. I am writing to you from a Wi-Fi zone whenever I get the chance to do so. Sorry about this. Using the PEN Effect is made up of three parts. The following article was scheduled for yesterday, do enjoy. To every problem in life there is a solution. No problem is unsolvable. This is one of the many laws of The Universe. Do you remember when I first spoke about The Laws of the Universe, I said that these laws are laws that you cannot prove to be wrong. I stand by this.

Bonus Quote

The 5th Law of The Universe – ‘All problems in life are solvable.’

The 5th Law of The Universe consists of a mere six words but these words are so powerful, imminent and encouraging. They are powerful because they reveal a solution. They are imminent because the solution is forthcoming if you seek it. They are encouraging because they boost your spirits by removing the negatives that get you down and add positives that get you going. The question is where do you find the right solution to your existing problems. Everyone has problems, that is obvious. However, the intensity of the problems varies from individual to individual. Having the solution is of little value if you do not have the right tools. What are the tools in this case scenario? Using the Triangular Concept to Success has led us to three important tools. These tools are the right Nutrition to fuel your actions. The right Exercise routine to suit your age, gender and circumstances. The right source of knowledge to identify and reveal your purpose in life. We also discussed that most people fail to see the difference between a purpose and a purchase. The internet is overflowing with diet plans, exercise plans and self-development books. The question is, do they work. You may bring your weight down or increase your income but they are not really problem solvers. They actually camouflage your problems like foundation to your skin. Once washed the problem resurfaces. By the end of this three-part series I will provide you with a link to acquire your tools but there is something more than tools that we need. We need an HOMBRE to help us. Yes, we need Honesty, Opportunity, Management, Blessedness, Righteousness and Equality. When we seek knowledge from The Universe we know immediately that this knowledge is honest and filled with goodness. We also need that unique aperture bespoke to our needs called Opportunity. Opportunities are plentiful but finding the right one is hard. We need Management. We need Management of our Time and our of our Funds. Many courses on the Internet are extremely expensive, a single seminar can cost as much as £3,500. We need to be Blessed. We need to know that GOD watches over us daily and that the solution to our problems awaits us. We need to be Righteous. We cannot seek a solution if it means hurting someone else. We created the problem now we need to get out of it, amicably and logically. Finally, we need to understand equality. We need to understand that knowledge is available to all and not to a single individual. When our problem is resolved we must learn to pass the technique onto someone else so that they can become alleviated. Please join me later on today for Part 2 of The PEN Effect. The PEN Effect worked for me 21 years ago. Now it is time to let it work for you. I am merely passing on my technique to you. Have a wonderful weekend. Don’t start Monday with your problem start by saying that a solution awaits you.

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