Monday 11 April 2016

The PEN Effect - 3 Powers to make you Succeed

The PEN Effect - 3 Powers to make you Succeed

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‘The PEN Effect is the official 21st Century strategy to Succeed. The PEN Effect takes into account three Powers, each power needs to be used equally, strategically and legally. P Stands for the Pound in your pocket, E stands for Energy to perform assigned Exercises and N stands for Nutrition to power your ideology.

A hearty welcome to you on the first working day of a new working week. It is great to have you on board. I would like to kick start our working week by talking about The PEN Effect. The PEN Effort consists of three powers in equilibrium. The 1st power is referred to as the Pound in your Pocket. We are all millionaires at heart. Sadly, we need to become millionaires in pocket too. This is the 1st power of the PEN Effect. The PEN Effect teaches you how to amass pounds in your pocket the unselfish way. To do this we need to follow a set of instructions that has previously worked. Where do we find these instructions? I recommend reading The Modern Day Trilogy. I recommend reading it daily.  In it you shall find your purpose in life and you shall find the method to manufacture money unselfishly. The second power in the PEN Effect is regular exercising. What is the correct way to exercise? There are so many different approaches to Exercising. I always maintain that we need to choose something that we can cope with. We need to develop passion and desire in all that we do, think or say. In the next few days I will show you some recommended exercises for you to follow. The third power in The PEN Effect is the ability to eat correctly. It is all about good nutrition. Over the years I discovered that the bad foods I ate made me put on weight. I later discovered that the good foods that I hate made me lose weight. Therefore, I needed to learn what was good and what was bad. I needed to differentiate what was good and what was bad. Good foods are generally the foods we abhor. They taste differently. They are generally quite unpalatable. However, if we change our point of view and know exactly how to cook the good foods then we stand a chance of losing weight. Apply the PEN Effect to your daily routine and watch how you shall succeed.

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