Monday, 4 April 2016

Success vs Failure

Success vs Failure

Quote of the day

‘Success does not come on a silver platter. It is built on a strong foundation and each segment of one’s personal success is built brick by brick. Failure always lures you to the overnight expectancies like a windfall or a miraculous financial discovery. It is built without a foundation and each segment of failure stands vulnerable. Complete failure occurs when all the bricks in the scheme come tumbling down.’

A gracious welcome to the start of a new working week in April 2016. I hope and pray that you had a wonderful and visionary weekend.

Bonus Quote

‘A visionary insight into your future on hindsight reveals a lifestyle that it is always bright, full of delight, unquestionably right and incites you to get up and go. It makes you polite, which is good. It gives you the appetite for positivity, which is even better. It makes you the number one socialite and more importantly it makes you rewrite your daily agenda to ensure that it remains altruistic to the core.’

April is indeed the month of immense activity. However, we must remember that positive activity is a slow process. It is done brick by brick. If built without haste, it will stand tall and unyielding and create a landmark of inspiration for generations to come. It won’t be mystical like the pyramids. Neither will it be numinous like Easter Island. It will be clear, simple and logical. Yes, Dear Friends one of the milestones to success is finding success in other people. It is about acknowledging their success and learning from it. Never disregard the learning process no matter how old you really are. We need to learn and we need to adapt to changes. Changes in the modern world are happening too fast, therefore we need to learn to change and adapt to changes. Every inspirational day in your life that attracts complete success is a slow process that works by the second. Every second that passes you is an opportunity available to you. It is like a conveyor belt in a Sushi restaurant. You have the power to make a choice, the time to learn and the mind-set to adapt. Creating an overall vision of your future inspired by what fascinates you helps. I hope that my recent inspirational videos helped. Today I compiled another inspirational video for your perusal to help you gain the success you so deserve. Try to create a grand vision of your future prompted by your fascination and you will soon create a lifetime of happiness and joy. This spells success clearly and defines and regulates a path for you to walk on, a journey to conquer and a life to remember. People will learn from you as you have equally learnt from them. Every brick that you lay onto your personal success will always be strong and unshakeable. This is and always should be your direction in life. If it is Success that you want, then success it shall be. However, if you want to be unsuccessful then you will always follow the path of the hasty fool, the impatient failure and the overnight success story. Don’t do the wrong thing, act wisely and do the right thing. If an opportunity faces you and you are not ready to meet it let it go. There is always another opportunity waiting for you. Don’t be pushed into a corner by sales tactics and peer pressure. Have a wonderful start to your new working week. Be brave and always be willing to learn. With love and best wishes - Anthony

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