Wednesday 27 April 2016



Quote of the day

‘Deliverance is the pronounced act of releasing you from your daily inhibitions. It is your rescue formula that works and your freedom to a life of happiness and joy that only dreams are made up of.’

Welcome to midweek, the last one in a series of breathtakingly good inspirational material from the writing desk of Anthony Pan. Do you often sit handcuffed to your chair feeling captured by the constraints of your life? A married individual often spends relentless hours regretting why they got married in the first place. A person in debt will cry, sigh and terrify over their accumulated debts to a point where there are no solutions but endless prosecutions. A student will sit in remorse over their grades trying to figure out why they did not study hard enough. A person that is ill will only find solace in a pill making them feel their life will always be uphill rather than downhill. These inhibitions will always change your position, your condition, your decision and your composition. I say onto you and verily too, stop the trauma and seek deliverance. Think of the before state, think of the after state and deal with the now state. In the before state the problem did not exist. Life was good and you were not under stress. You walked the foothills of joy and happiness. In the after state the problem disappeared. Life became good again. Stress was overcome by a transverse process which I call Progress. The now state is to seek deliverance. Every problem as I openly stated is divisible by a defined solution. Deliverance is about overcoming ambivalence. To do this effectively we need to journey into the past when the problem did not exist. We need to understand what it feels like to be without a problem. A problem free life is full of zest. You have time to smell the flowers, whistle with the birds and talk to yourself about tomorrow and the day after. You need to apply the Transverse Process which I call Progress. It is a process where you go back in time to retrieve lost time. It is a process where you go forward in time to appreciate time. It is about mind over matter. It is about your mind settling the matter in concern. It is about the matter in concern dissolving the tension in progress. Deliverance is the pronounced act of releasing you from your daily inhibitions. A detailed account will follow soon. Tweets have their limitations. Articles have their applications. Inspirational Videos have their Expectations. I will try my very best to include as much as I can in the limitations of social media. If you need extended articles just let me know.

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