Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Life is such a wonderful experience

Life is such a wonderful experience

Quote of the day

‘Life is such a wonderful experience. Life Is Fun & Exciting. It is Fun because it is enjoyable and pleasurable. It is Exciting because it is stimulating, motivating, inspiring and electrifying. I am deeply honoured to be part of the chemistry of life.’

Welcome to a splendid day from me, Anthony Pan seated in the study of my abode facing the inspiring woodlands in front of me. I am so invigorated to write today’s article because I have a sudden feeling of importance. I feel that my life is such a wonderful experience. Today I want you to feel the same. I want you to awaken to the sound of life from above, from below and from around you. To be infused with such magnificence makes you want to contribute to the chemistry of the radiant colour and animation that exists around you. No one alive should sit in a moat of worries. They should stand up and get on with what has to be done. Life is not meant to be a burden, a taxation or a field of misery from dawn to dusk. The rising Sun reminds us of that. It brings forth energy to stimulate you. It makes you want to live your dreams and create fond and everlasting memories. Life is all about fun and excitement. It is about the ability to think and to do. To think wisely and unselfishly makes you act wisely and unselfishly. Every action should yield a harvest of total satisfaction. Look at the natural world and get inspiration from the birds, the bees and the flowers. They fly, buzz or bloom with feelings to accomplish and fulfil their daily duties. Without them where will we be. Do you see a hummingbird stranded on a twig worrying intensely about tomorrow? Does the bee stop pollinating because he worries intensely about finding the right flower? Seek inspiration and you will find it. Act with motivation and you will accomplish your task. Dream intensely and your dreams will manifest into the real you. Believe in yourself and you shall receive the preciseness of your true abilities. Love the world and the world will love you. Be happy and contented and happiness shall flow into the matrix of your life dissolving anomalies and confusion that lurks in the corridors of confusion. Fill the atmosphere of your surroundings with goodness and you shall eradicate the badness that waits to construe you. Look after yourself from head to toe and you shall reach the pinnacle of your success looking and feeling youthful. Create friends and eradicate enemies. Always give a smile rather than a frown. A smile makes your lifestyle worthwhile. A frown will always make you hostile. Watch what you eat. Control the carbos and manage the proteins. Moderation and consideration is the medium to succeed and the template to proceed. Procrastination is the medium to fail and the template to common greed. Be spiritual rather than irritable. Spirituality gives you a defined purpose in life. Irritability gives you a confined purpose in life. Love your life. Live your life. Love is about devotion, devotion to your worthy cause and devotion that deserves an honourable applause. Show by example, give by example and live by example. Feed the ducks but only feed them what they need. Don’t litter the sidewalk. Don’t be bitter with the pedestrians that walk on the sidewalk. Don’t be a quitter. Life is indeed a wonderful experience. It is also a learning experience too. If you made a mistake, then learn to make a correction. Life is about having fun. It is as warm as the rising Sun. It is exciting too. It should never be about fighting. It should be about inciting. Live your life to the fullest. Pamper yourself because you are entitled to. Don’t hamper someone else if you are feeling down. Step aside and analyse your problem. To every problem there is a solution. I am here to help in the same way that I once received help. Be part of the chemistry of life rather than against it. Go done in history as the true Samaritan that made a real difference. I wish you a wonderful day and I urge you to become part of the chemistry of fun and excitement. It will be totally honourable.

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