Thursday, 14 April 2016

Power Concept 3 – Pounds in Pocket

Power Concept 3 – Pounds in Pocket

Quote of the day

‘Many an individual confuses the concept of earning money. Rather than looking for a purpose in life they are always looking for a purchase in life. To achieve real success, you need first to become a millionaire at heart and not a millionaire in pocket.’

Good evening to all my friends from around the world. It is an extreme honour to have you as my friends. I will honour this unique relationship for the rest of my life. This is the true value of friendship. As stated yesterday the prime intention of writing the Power Concept articles is to help my friends from around the world that may be struggling. We see people on a daily basis. However, what we cannot see or feel is the difficulties that they are constantly experiencing. It is sad to see someone go to bed without a meal or to awake to the sound of financial hardship. It is equally sad to see someone homeless, helpless, troubled, abused, neglected, intimidated, ill or bereaved. Some of us do not have the courage to ask for help whilst others find the wrong help.  I get constant messages from my friends seeking help. I want to tell you tonight that I shall always be here for you and I am willing to help. Whatever your problem is there is a related solution. Do not fear for GOD is here too. Do not cry for the end of your troubles is nigh. Do not lose hope especially when there is a resolution for you to cope. Do not fight with all your might for this will never be right. Do not despair, do not compare and do not swear. Believe in yourself and find your uniqueness within you. Don’t reach for the stars but let them just shine upon you. Let your heart show tenderness, gentleness and kindness to every living creature that passes you. Offer to help, offer to donate, offer to teach, offer to love, offer to be neighbourly and offer to listen. In doing so you shall accrue the magical feeling of STARDUST in your heart and your blood will send a resonant feeling of wealth around your body. When this happens you will know that you have become a millionaire at heart. A millionaire at heart understands their purpose in life. They are driven by passion and desire. They live to serve thy Heavenly Father with genuine love and affection. They are not materialistically inclined. They are devout, they are without doubt, they are not dropouts and they never live on handouts. The threesome power concept based on three entities called Purpose, Exercise and Nutrition will always be your guide to succeed. We spoke about Nutrition and Exercises. Today I want to remind you of your purpose as I was 21 years ago. My purpose in life was enlightened after I read The Modern Day Trilogy.  It showed me where I came from and where I am heading to. It sets me off on a daily quest to accomplish and fulfil my daily tasks. My mission is to have a genuine vision of the future. As I envisage the future I want to see raindrops of laughter, rays of happiness and gentle breezes of joy. Dear Friends, the 3rd apex to your success is The Modern Day Trilogy. If you are troubled look no further. Tomorrow I shall direct you to a link that enables you to discreetly gain access to three power sources. The 1st is a choose of recommended Exercises. The second is over 100 recipes to assist you in gaining the right Nutrition. Finally, there is The Modern Day Trilogy. It is and will always be the blueprint to my success.  If you want a resolve to your dilemma look no further than the threesome Power Concept.

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