Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Power Concept 1 – Exercises

Power Concept 1 – Exercises

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‘Choosing the right exercise to suit your needs can make all the difference to your overall success. You need to take on an exercise workload that only you can manage. You need to exercise daily and in order to execute your routine you need to compromise, localise and personalise.’

Greetings and salutations Dear Friends from good old sunny London Town where the temperature peaks at 19°C. It is such a wonderful experience to be drenched by the strong rays of the Sun after several months of cold and bitter weather. It is a bit like being revived, renewed and revitalised. It is the time of the year to manufacture fresh supplies of vitamin D. It’s also the time of the year to get started on a chosen exercise routine. We all have different levels of competence. Therefore, we need to choose the right exercise for the right reasons. Here at Universally Friendly we provide you with the right knowledge to assist you in reaching your peak performance levels. We are also suppliers of motivational and inspirational videos to enhance your progress to Real Success. Exercises is one of them. Peak Performance is derived from three basic principles and these principles are called Compromise, Localise and Personalise. I have taken the liberty to make available to you the following Exercise routines. Each DVD has my seal of approval. 

If followed with the passion and desire that it deserves you will get the results that you require, guaranteed. These genuine results will transform your life to make the impossible become the possible. Compromise is about getting approval in doing something. If you choose to do a particular exercise speak to your partner about it. Are they in agreement? Are they willing to participate? Such a cooperation motivates you to exercise. Localise your exercise routine to target specific areas in your body. Do you need stronger calves? Do you need to strengthen your biceps? Your workout must be localised. Personalising an exercise routine makes it bespoke to your needs. Watching others is not actually motivation but rather hesitation instead. People always find ways to intimidate you. I say onto you and verily too, ignore these people and focus on what you have to do. Tomorrow we will talk about Power Concept 2 – Nutrition. I hope that you will join me on Friday to take the 90, 120 or 180 -day challenge.

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