Thursday 21 April 2016

Key Principles to Succeed

Key Principles to Succeed

Quote of the day

‘It’s not really rocket science to succeed in life but more of an application towards spiritual science to overcome the traumas of your life. To do this a list of key principles need to be underlined. You cannot disprove these principles because they are spiritual. Keep them with you, in your heart, in your pocket or in your mind. Use them when the need arises.’

Welcome to a splendid day here in good old London Town with an anticipated temperature of 19°C. That is really the sound and silence of Spring. To embrace the beauty of Spring we need to see it, feel it, touch it and hear it. Thank you to all of you that responded to The PEN Effect. Your eBook describing the content of your challenge is on its way to you. If you are struggling in a particular aspect of your life always feel free to request the PEN Effect at any time. It is designed for you. Today I want to talk about Key Principles to Succeed and request that you apply them to your daily tasks as it will help you to alleviate your day.

Key Principle 1

‘Always seek assistance if you experience a setback in your life. Don’t traverse the trail of difficulty on your own.’

Key Principle 2

‘Always find a source or conduit of hope that you can access should you run into difficulties. This source must be genuine, reliable and worthy.’

Key Principle 3

‘You need to exercise moderation and consideration in everything that you do. Moderation develops your self-control. Consideration exercises your self-control.’

Key Principle 4

‘Love is a simple but yet potent four letter word that holds you together in difficult times. It creates friendship when you are alone and it removes the elements of stress when you have hate in your heart.’

Key Principle 5

‘Never start your day without a prayer. If you walk out of your abode without a prayer you will fall victim to the usual forms of temptation that has been lurking in the corridors of time since The Garden of Eden.’

Key Principle 6

‘Exercising is good for you. However, you need to be committed to a particular form of exercise in order to ensure that every muscle in your body gets the perfect workout. Choose something to suit you rather than something to convolute you.’

Key Principle 7

‘Eat wholesome foods as opposed to loathsome foods. Wholesome foods are healthy and satisfies your system. Loathsome foods only satisfy your palate.’

Key Principle 8

‘Always believe in yourself despite what others may think of you. You are unique and you shall always be a precious human being that lives to serve, conserve and preserve.’

Key Principle 9

‘Your life is a precious gift bestowed upon therefore you need to appreciate it, cultivate it and stimulate it. To do this effectively you need to apply Time Management’

Key Principle 10

‘Have a defined purpose in life and stick to that purpose. Exercise your role in life in a humane way. Walk tall and never feel hesitant to wake up from a sudden fall.’

Dear Friends, always remember that ALL problems in life is divisible by a set solution. If you have a problem, seek a solution. I am working at more proficient ways for you to access these solutions. If you have an idea, please let me know. Always remember that we are a circle of friends that care, share and remain fair. Have a wonderful Thursday and may your day be accomplished and fulfilled to the very core.

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