Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Methodology to Succeed

The Methodology to Succeed

Quote of the day

‘There is only one direction to succeed, it is very much like paddling downstream rather than upstream. It is very much like moving with the crowd rather than against them. It is very much like following a set of instructions rather than a set of destruction.’

Welcome to a splendid Thursday even though we had a mixed bag of rain, wind and sunshine. Rather unusual for the time of year but we need to live in anticipation rather than in constant stagnation. We need to sail the seas with a chartered course and a back-up plan should something go wrong. Life is full of adversities, uncertainties, tragedies, diversities and constant casualties. Without a solid methodology we can waste valuable time and money, therefore I urge you to find a chosen methodology to succeed. My daily plan of action is centred on the following steps, stages or methods. It works for me but it can vary to suit the changes in my circumstances. I always start my day in prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude. This forms the backbone of my daily activities. Without such a solemn commitment I am just like a wondering fool waiting to be caught in a pool of adversities, uncertainties, tragedies, diversities and constant casualties. I then ponder on the fulcrum of my day. This is normally done with a cup of hot water or scented water seated in front of a new day. My day could be part of a working week or it could be part of a weekend. I treat every single day with equal importance. I often call this the fulcrum of my day because I need to supportive and responsible for my actions which is driven by my intentions. My day is divisible in time segments. These segments I refer to as tasks. They have a time frame attached to them. Such an attachment is based on experience. How long do I take to have a shower? How long do I take to pray? How long do I take to have my breakfast? Every task in my day is governed by time. Every task has a certain workload that expends energy. I need to be aware of this. I need to execute my tasks as per my abilities which is related to time and energy. If I do not have enough time, then I cannot perform the task. Equally if I lack energy I will not give each task of my day the attention it deserves. I feel that my existence has a valid purpose. Therefore, such a purpose must be meaningful, strategical and certainly methodical. It is easy to create a list of tasks but it is often harder to accomplish and fulfil them. To achieve an accomplished and fulfilling week I need to know the workload of my given tasks. I cannot create a task knowing in advance that I cannot possibly finish it. The finishing process must be done with passion and desire. Every task must be done with passion and with desire. The end result is gratifying, satisfying and electrifying. This is the methodology to succeed. It starts from simplicity and ends with simplicity. The methodology to failure starts with simplicity and usually ends up with complexity. Tomorrow I want to talk about the triangular concept to succeed. It worked for generations before you and it will work for generations after you. Have a wonderful evening. Dream wonderful things. Create wonderful goals. Start your day with wonder and end it wonderfully.

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