Friday 22 April 2016

Open Doors

Open Doors

Quote of the day

‘Open doors creates open opportunities for you and for a chain of people that maybe inspired by you. What is unknown becomes the known and what was known becomes the unknown.’

Welcome to Friday, the 22nd of April 2016. We have reached the end of the penultimate working week of April 2016. April 2016 was deemed the month of Activity. It was a vivid process of taking action in an interest, hobby, occupation or goal that you had. To extend this we also looked at ways to overcome problem areas in your life using The PEN Effect. Sadly, problems don’t magically disappear as one would expect it to. It is a physical process that expends energy and time. It is also a learning process because once resolved it would be wise and ideal not to get back into that problem zone again. Just to remind you if you do require a set plan of action to overcome your dilemma always keep this link close to your heart - Open doors do create open opportunities, are you willing to open your unique door to a lifetime of opportunities. You can speculate what is behind closed doors but until you open the door you will never know. To make the unknown, known we need to open the door of opportunity relative to our needs with bravery and determination. The courage to do that comes from your innermost desires and passions. Nothing ventured is nothing gained. ‘Today I walk on air but tomorrow I may float on air’. This was a vision before man could fly and today it became a vision of total reality. A new door called FLIGHT opened and generations of people followed taking to the skies like never before. Today you can open a new door in your life and if you succeed generations of people will follow if you motivate them to. You can become the first explorer to navigate the search bar to destiny and fortune. First you need to know what you are looking for. This is the unknown. Michael Faraday peered through the door of opportunity and wondered why a magnet when moved across a piece of wire will deflect a nearby galvanometer. Through relentless courage and determination Michael created the electric motor that today turns almost every mechanical device. Marconi was aware that he could transmit sound from one place to another. He was determined and he was full of courage. He made the unknown become the known. Today music is encrypted in so many devices just by opening one door of opportunity over a century ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls take the first step and open a door of opportunity in your life that is pertinent to your needs. Be courageous and be determined and watch how you will change the course of tomorrow. May I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend.

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