Saturday 2 April 2016

Stills creates Thrills

Stills creates Thrills

Quote of the day

‘Capturing the Stillness of life makes you realise the realness of life. Stills creates thrills. It incites you to do similar and to become uniquely familiar.’

A pleasant and sunny welcome to the 1st weekend of April 2016. It is good to have you on board. Following on with the theme of Activity in April we need to start by becoming amateur photographers. As amateur photographers we need to capture the stills of life to create thrills in our lives. Weekends creates the perfect backdrop to find the perfect stills. Stillness is calmness. It takes chaos and manufactures it into peace. When this happens you need to click, flick, pick and then stick. As an amateur photographer on this fine and magnificent weekend you need to find the bespoke stillness around you. My inspirational video defines some of the ideas you should be seeking. I enclose a snippet for you. All my inspirational videos maybe be viewed in HD on YouTube, simply type my name Anthony Pan, sit back and then enjoy from over 165 videos. To be inspired you need to find the right page in your life. It is very much like flipping through a TV Guide. Once found you click. In other words, you create or infuse with the still at the same frequency or harmony as you. If there is no harmony in what you found keep searching. Once found continue searching until you create a collage of stills bespoke to your needs. To make this weekend a perfect weekend of Thrills I want you to flick through your personal collage of innovative stills and then pick just one. Out of the 20 or more stills that you captured I want you to pick one still that will make your weekend the perfect one. Once you picked it then stick with it. Analyse that still. Be productive. Be innovative. Be creative. Be kind.

Bonus Quote

‘PICK a still to create the perfect weekend thrill.’

PICK stands for Productive, Innovative, Creative and Kind. To create the prefect weekend thrills, you certainly need to be productive. You need to search for the ambience that ignites the passion and desire in you. What you capture is personal. Innovation is the inventive side of an individual. It is about you and your uniqueness. What you capture is unique to you. Creativity is about being resourceful, open minded and imaginative. It follows on from being Productive and Innovative. Finally, you need to be kind. Kindness is an unselfish human trait. If you want to capture something you need to be kind. You cannot destroy a forest to open a new opportunity in your life. You need to walk around the forest instead. Dear Friends, take this moment to capture a still during this weekend and by following the above method use it to create a weekend thrill. I wish you a thrilling weekend from the bottom of my heart.

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