Friday, 8 April 2016

The Triangular Concept to Success – Part 1

The Triangular Concept to Success – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘The Triangular Concept to Real Success can be likened to the deltoid muscle that covers the shoulder joint for without which the raising of one’s arm would be impossible. At each end of the triangular muscle lies strength, tolerance and forbearance.’

Every successful coordination, action, cooperation, delegation, arbitration, collaboration, observation, experimentation, innovation, occupation, generation, civilisation, evaluation, organisation, participation, synchronisation, visualisation, nation, affirmation, creation, formation, relation, vocation, constellation, commutation, germination, inspiration, motivation, aspiration, orchestration, reputation or navigation is based on the triangular concept of success. Success in business is about Coordination, which is centred on three apexes and that is organisation, harmonisation and synchronisation. Success in the kitchen is about Creation, which is centred on three apexes and that is cleanliness, quality and service. Success at school is about civilisation, which is centred on three apexes and that is studying, participating and interacting. Take away any apex of relevance in the triangle of success and you collapse the strength, tolerance and forbearance of the system. There will be chaos, dissatisfaction, revolt, negativity, turmoil, arguing, shouting, confrontation and unforeseen rashness. Dear Friends, the triangular concept to real success is based on the three apexes of a triangle. The triangular concept to succeed as been with man since the beginning of time. It is a very elaborate subject and therefore I have divided it into 3 parts. I want you to realise its significance in the same way that I once did. I want you to apply it to your situation at work, home or socially. The Triangular Concept to Success is about coordination, proper action, mental satisfaction, stable occupation and preferable visualisation. With the required strength you can climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest seas. However, if you lack tolerance than you would sway in your upward or downward progress if an obstacle or inhibition confronts you. Without the developed forbearance to succeed you shall lose the interest needed to maintain your stamina and your vigour to succeed. The Triangular Concept to Success is a vital three-way relationship that works if applied with the consistency that is needed. I wish you a pleasant Friday evening and may the weekend be your journey to a new outlook to life based on the triangular concept of success.

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