Sunday 24 April 2016

Action on a Sunday

Action on a Sunday

Quote of the day

‘Action is not restricted to the weekdays but also occurs over the weekends. Today I want to talk about Action Sunday or AS. AS fit AS a weekday. AS fit AS ever. AS fit AS life itself. Try AS, you just can’t beat it.’

Welcome to Sunday Dear Friends. It is great and wonderful to have you on board a journey towards positivity and a journey away from negativity. ACTION does speak louder than words but today we are going to use ACTION as a power word to ramify its true importance.

Bonus Quote

‘AS Creates Tranquillity, Inspiration, Opportunity and Niceness, it really does.’

AS does create Tranquillity. It creates it because you are taking action on your own without being pressured to do so. AS creates Inspiration. It really does because you become inspired by your failures as well as your successes. There is no one to criticise you, intimidate you or ridicule you. You look at failure as an attempt and success as something without contempt. AS creates Opportunities that can be breathtakingly good because you are having a go without a bad reaction from someone else. This is pretty cool because you are the only contender in your plight to personal success. If something goes wrong it doesn’t really matter. AS creates Niceness. People that are associated with you on a Sunday find you to be friendlier and likeable. It is so true. Action during the weekdays is different. You are under pressure. You have deadlines and targets. In a nutshell it is quite possible that you may be less friendly and less likeable. Dear Friends, open a new door to excitement on a Sunday. Go out and explore the world of adventure. Today is the London Marathon. Why not take it in your strides to make the most of such a beautiful Sunday. Think AS, AS wonderful AS nature, AS wonderful AS you, AS wonderful AS your friends and family and AS wonderful AS your country.

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