Thursday 28 April 2016

Step into the shoe that fits

Step into the shoe that fits

Quote of the day

‘Building an incredible portfolio of goals based on our ideal dreams can only become tangible if we can meet up to the expectations of these goals. Sometimes we take on more than we can chew, sometimes we step into the wrong shoe and on some occasions we tend to fantasise rather than actualise.’

Welcome to Thursday, the 28th of April 2016. It is the 108th day of 2016. Did your goals materialise as per your expectations? To succeed in life, you need to live with no regrets, become less upset and avoid the possible threat from your rivals. You need to be reminded not to step into the shoe that doesn’t fit you. If you do some of your goals may not materialise.  This is not what you want in life. Your life is a precious gift bestowed upon you. As a result, the management of your time is paramount.

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