Sunday, 3 April 2016

Spring into Action

Spring into Action

Quote of the day

‘Spring is a time to be bring everything into Action. It is the season to leap into action like the seeds that sprout into a new generation. It is the fountain of rejuvenation making one turn dull moments into brighter ones.’

A blessed Sunday greeting to you from me, Anthony Pan in rather a warm day in good old London Town. Thank you for logging into a channel of defined inspiration to create positives from negatives and to be driven into a world of success. Today it is about Spring. It is time for us to spring into action and allow the tenderness of our dreams to become the cleverness of our actions. By this I mean actions speak louder than words but if our actions are not driven by our goals then our results will be in vain. People that driven by their dreams take the appropriate action. To dream is to assess the vastness of opportunities available to us. To take action is to access what needs to be done. Do you need to lose weight? The correct procedure is to assess the vastness of diet programmes that are available. This will then be based on affordability and by testimony. If you can afford it, then always check the testimony. If the testimony is good and there is a full money back guarantee you should feel confident enough to proceed. This is called assessing. Accessing on the other hand is the Science of getting into something by following a set of instructions that has already worked. To Spring into Action effectively start by assessing and then accessing. Never put the cart before the horse. Don’t access before assessing otherwise you will have a shed fill of unwanted hobbies, courses and books. Dear Friends, you need to keep dreaming under a duvet of warmth and comfort and over pillow of snuggles and cuddles. Sleep well and let your mind envisage your future in a world of fantasy to become reality or not. It does not hurt to dream. It does not hurt to create goals. It does hurt if your dreams or your goals are selfish. I wish you a restful Sunday and may you find the time to pray, play and remain okay.

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