Monday 25 April 2016



Quote of the day

‘Courage Overcomes Unexpected Results Achieved by Greedy Entrepreneurs.’

Welcome to the 1st day of a new and final working week in April 2016. Sorry about the late tweets. Courage is often needed to overcome unexpected results often achieved by greedy individuals. Yesterday BHS announced that they may go into administration with debts over £1.3 billion including pension deficits. Placing reliance on man once again can have devastating consequences if you are not careful, prepared and courageous. Courage is your mental strength to overcome a sudden impact made on your life. It is the ability to overcome danger that can be financially crippling, mentally depressing and physically debilitating. It remains your moral strength to overcome your fear of something which you have not prepared for or have been given advanced notice of. In the last decade there has been numerous redundancies as a result of businesses foreclosing. People with skills and years of dedication, devotion and loyalty have been left stranded in the pothole of financial collapse. Today I want to tell you that you must live in anticipation of tomorrow. You must become fully aware of possibilities and impossibilities. You must have plan B in operation, ready to deploy in a state of emergency. Life is about living it to the fullest. Placing reliance on man takes away this undying privilege. You must have the courage to overcome your traumas. Plan B must be as strong as Plan A. Be courageous to move onto a new career. Learn to work from home. Avoid the commute and the peer pressure. Take your existing skills and find ways to diversify. Always remember to remain unselfish. Always remember to remain moral. It is never too late to start again. I am a living example of that. Don’t place reliance on man. Courage is your valour to overcome something sudden. Greedy Individuals will always work steadily for their own gains. Don’t assume that you have a job for life. You have a life of your own and therefore you should have the courage to find the job that befits you. You need to search the Universe for the right recruitment bespoke to your needs, your family security and your happiness. You need a job that gives you warmth, comfort and friendliness. This is something that you will find in the archives of the Universe. Man will find a job for you but it will always be based on the minimum wage, peer pressure and commute misery. If you are an employee of BHS fear not for the Universe needs, you. Start anew and fill the emptiness of your finances with the opulence of the Universe. I wish you a courageous working week and I urge you to always live in anticipation of tomorrow.

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