Saturday 23 April 2016

Enter the rainbow of your dreams

Enter the rainbow of your dreams

Quote of the day

‘Imagine your life as vivid as a sparkling rainbow. At one end of the arc of the rainbow you appeared to the world as a new-born, at the other end of the arc you shall leave your family and friends and make your way to a new destination based on your accreditation. Between the two arcs lies your earthly life. Each of the 7 colours in a rainbow helps you to achieve a positive and happy life on Earth.’

A very good evening to you Dear Friends, thank you ever so much for tuning into your channel of vibrant inspiration. Did you have a good Saturday? I felt that my Saturday reminded me of a sparkling rainbow. The colours of which there are seven each depicted an aspect of my life. I want to share these aspects of my life with you tonight. I always remembered the colours of the rainbow as follows: Roy Of York Goes to Battle In Vain. Therefore, the colours are easily remembered in sequence as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet respectively. Red reminds me to be healthy, it reminds me to be as red as a rose filled with a pleasant smile, smell and a sense of humour. The sweetness of an Orange reminds me to top up on my vitamin C intake. Vitamin C aids recovery from the common cold and acts as a prevention to chronic diseases. When I think of the colour orange I also associate it with the colour of autumn as the leaves turn into a kaleidoscope of change. Yellow makes me think of diary as most of the produce from a dairy is coloured yellow such as cream, butter and milk. Such a vital source of intake always ensures that I have an adequate supply of calcium in my diet. Yellow also reminds me of the yolk of an egg, ripened bananas and hills of daffodils. Green reminds me of a healthy planet of which I am assigned as a sole custodian of my domain. When I see green I am reminded to go forth and make changes to my life. When I see green I think of nature, vivacity and life. I also think of committed environmentalists like Green Peace. Blue reminds me of the sky and how wonderful life is when the sky is blue. It reminds of how wonderful my life can be too. Blue also reminds me of the river kingfisher, blue sapphire, blueberries, the blue whale and the forget-me-not flower. Indigo reminds me of the diversity of plants and animals such as the lactarius indigo mushroom which has incredible variations of blue. Violet reminds me of the beautiful quartz called amethyst and the auspicious flowering plant called lavender. From Lavender we get lavender oil which may be used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. During my life on Earth I imagine my journey as that of a rainbow. I shine a light to the world reminding them of how important they are. As each light depicts a reminder of beauty, fragrance and diversity I want you to retire tonight knowing that you are beautiful, fragrant and diverse. I want you to sparkle like the rainbow and to send of signals to others that are as endearing as a sparkling rainbow. Use each colour to fill a blank spot in your life to help make it glow. Have an enjoyable and restful evening.

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