Saturday 16 April 2016

Using the PEN Effect – Part 2

Using the PEN Effect – Part 2

Quote of the day

‘Life is a precious gift bestowed upon you that outweighs the value of any commodity on Earth. Problems makes you devalue your life. Today I want to assure you that solutions makes you appreciate your life and restores peace and equanimity in your troubled zone.’

Welcome to your weekend from the outskirts of Dorking. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Universally Friendly has been set up as an academy to help citizens of the world to restore value to their lives and create peace and happiness wherever possible. To summarise this Universally Friendly is a circle of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. The PEN Effect has been written with you in mind. Many people tend to conceal their problems. Today I want to tell you there is no harm in having a problem.  It is one of the greatest mistakes that we always make. Why do we make these recurring mistakes? History will clearly show that man is the culprit? Man tempts you like the devil. He makes promises that he knows that he could never keep. He befriends you by saying that he will help you to make amends, he promises to lend you money and he promises to be your friend. However deep down in his heart he holds the dagger of deceit, he is a swagger of cheat and the ‘jaeger’ of Wall street. He promises you a home but takes it away to leave you homeless. He promises you a job but leaves you jobless in no time. He promises you money but tries to be funny by charging you usurious interest rates. He promises you good health only if you can collaborate it with good wealth. He promises to be your friend but his friendship dwindles on your footsteps and appears as your enemy in the form of an insane silhouette. He promises to love you but instead hates you when he realises that you are honest, God-fearing and impeccable. He promises that he shall not go to war but eventually takes the entire nation to war, including you and I. When you eventually reach the source of your problems you will see that man was behind it. Therefore, I say onto you and verily too don’t rely on man but trust Almighty GOD instead. Speak to GOD about your problem and then ask for a solution. Problems can disappear when solutions confront them. Problems will always make you devalue your life, solutions will never. The PEN Effect has been deliberately written with you in mind. It is a solution that annuls a given problem. Many people write to me stating that they are experiencing difficulties and I respond by saying believe in yourself. Believe in Almighty GOD. Believe in Love. Believe in harmony. Believe in time management. Believe in everything that is logical. When I wrote the article called ‘The Triangular concept to real success’ I knew deep down in your heart you were calling for help. When someone asks me for help I stop to help. Today I stopped and I listened. Tomorrow I shall create the help you need. Genuine help is help that comes from the source. It is untainted. It is uncomplicated and it is motivated to give you a solution. Whatever our problem is it can be dissolved with a relevant solution. You just have to believe in the same way that I once believed. Your life is a precious gift. Learn to stop making mistakes and watch out for others who have not learned from their mistakes. Have a wonderful and robust evening. Feel strong about your emotions and drift away from tedious commotions. Live a life of complete devotion. Work hand and you shall receive a well-deserved promotion.

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