Wednesday 20 April 2016

The 90 – 180 – 360 - day challenge (Part 3)

The 90 – 180 – 360 - day challenge (Part 3)

Quote of the day

‘Understanding and Implementing the PEN Effect is precision work that needs to be performed daily with a sense of purity, surety and security. You have to exercise consistency, proficiency and productivity in order to see effective results. It is a source of discovery that helps you when you need recovery.’

Welcome to midweek Dear Friends. It is a real pleasure to have you on board and to also conclude our series on the Triangular Concept to Success. I want you to be consistently aware that I am here to help you in the same way that help was given to me over 21 years ago. If you do not need specific help at the moment, do continue to read my inspirational tweets and articles on a daily basis in the usual way. However, if the distant bells of despair tolls at any given time in the future always be free to use The PEN Effect. Why? It is a concept that worked for me in the most difficult period of my life and it is a technique that I still implement. To summarise I eat correctly. We all eat but don’t necessarily eat the right foods. This plays havoc in our body down to our individual cells. Our cells need to release energy. We need the right pockets of energy to perform work. Our mitochondria in our cells act as individual power blocks releasing energy in little pockets called ATP. Eating the wrong foods always releases the wrong pockets of energy like a laden truck that struggles to make it uphill. Eating correctly is about building pockets of the correct fuel. Exercising is about atoning the fundamental working horse of your intentions, that is your body from head to toe. I always exercised using different techniques, regretfully I was not consistent. Consistency is a vital necessity of a meritocratic goal setter. I did karate for almost 2 years and then gave it up. I lacked the passion and desire that was so needed. I did not look at the global picture of my life. To have a healthy body you need to latch onto an exercise agenda bespoke to your circumstances and then stick with it for the rest of your life. I cannot resume karate if I have no intentions of sticking with it. I need to be at it all the time. I need to set aside time each day to become proficient at it. What is the purpose of all of this? The purpose is clearly defined as the need to serve and the ability to serve with an undying need. All living organisms have a purpose in life from unicellular organisms to multi-cellular organisms like you and me. Take away that purpose and you shall obliterate an entire species. Gone are the dinosaurs and in comes the digital technician. So, if you are stuck in a quagmire of difficulties always remember that a solution awaits you to instantly annul your problem. To implement the solution, the PEN Effect helps. Problems do come in all shapes and sizes. What upsets you today may seem trivial to someone else. Little problems can compound into larger problems. Financial problems are the most difficult to contend with but yet it still remains solvable. Most problems are not dealt with because of the fear to overcome them. At the end of these series of tweets I will provide you with a link to my blog that enables you to take action when action is needed. You are not compelled to do anything but at least you know that if all is not well a friend is there waiting to meet and greet you. Such a friend is me, Anthony Pan. I am a 57-year-old married male living in the UK. I am alive, real and well. Sadly, 21 years ago I was not. Through a revelation I received an instant elevation. For my appreciation I created Universally Friendly. Universally Friendly is a circle of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. I hope that I will one day create an academy of distant learning for people that are faced with problems and are able to access a huge database of solutions. Such an academy is growing by the day. Such an academy has only been possible with friends like you that keep in touch daily. Have a wonderful midweek and I look forward to sharing an online inspirational and motivational experience with you tomorrow.

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