Sunday 1 May 2016

Dream in May, Stream in May, Gleam in May

Dream in May, Stream in May, Gleam in May

Quote of the day

‘Dream in May to create workable goals. Stream in May to receive the right tools and gleam in May knowing that you are on the right track.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of May 2016, welcome to the start of something different. Welcome to the month of Resistivity, a period to learn how to resist temptation, aggravation and litigation. Now that you have a stack of workable goals let us focus our attention on accomplishing and fulfilling them. Don’t discard unworkable goals, just shelf them and we shall look at them later on. It is all about time management. It is about your understanding of every second of your day. It is about allocating time-slots to specific workloads. It is about understanding your responsibilities. Success is what we want to achieve but we need to achieve them in the right way. We cannot hurt ourselves or anyone else in the process. In May we shall look at detailed accounts of success stories including some of my friends from around the world. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued friendship and for your passion and desire to make significant changes to your life. May the month of May be special for you.  If it is your birthday, anniversary or a special day in your life please let me know and I shall prepare and send you a personalised greeting card. May the month of May shine a light to obliterate the darkness in your life by creating new opportunities for you and ending all problems that vexes you. May the month of May give you the power to pursue all your, dreams no matter how trivial they maybe or how complex they really are. May the month of May unite you with your family and friends and let all bitterness that may have existed in the past be eradicated. May the month of May enlighten your heart with new knowledge from the Universe and also to lighten the burden of your pain. May the month of May make you realise how important you really are and that your presence on planet Earth has a valid and valued purpose. May the month of May see the end to feud, bitterness, envy, slander, gossip, hardship, difficulties, ailments and stress. May the month of May open new doors to endless opportunities in life for you and to close old doors that always bring heartache to your soul. May the month of May help you to find joy and happiness like never before. Dear Friends let us work together to make our chosen goals workable and doable. I wish you a very happy month in May 2016.

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