Friday 6 May 2016

Weekend Essentials

Weekend Essentials

Quote of the day

‘It is important to fortify your strengths rather than amplify your weaknesses. It is equally important to keep constantly active at any age level rather than inactive.’

Welcome to your very special weekend. The 1st weekend following the long Bank weekend of last week. It is a marvellous day today with a summer like temperature with bluish skies reflecting on a greenish earth. You give me the courage to write and you encourage me to think. Despite my heavy schedule I always think of you each day, hence my daily input into your inspirational world. It is great to have you on board. Thank once again for your sincere appreciation for my inspirational content. Today I want to talk about weekend essentials. I call it weekend essentials because these are essential things that one needs to do to build their resistance.

  • Weekend Essential No. 1 – Always be strong rather than weak. Always believe in yourself rather than disbelieve in your abilities.
  • Weekend Essential No. 2 – Always search for ways of fortifying your strengths rather than amplifying your weaknesses.
  • Weekend Essential No. 3 – Always be determined to eat foods in their natural form rather than foods that are unnatural.
  • Weekend Essential No. 4 – Always have the genuine intention to participate, contemplate and educate in any given situation.
  • Weekend Essential No. 5 – Always find the time to teach essentials skills to your children to create those much needed thrills in their lives.
  • Weekend Essential No. 6 – Always follow a set of instructions that has previously worked rather than stick to false deductions that don’t work.
  • Weekend Essential No. 7 – Always have it in your heart to assist others, to persist in your goals and to resist temptation.
  • Weekend Essential No. 8 – Always find the time each day to keep active rather than inactive irrespective of how old you really are.
  • Weekend Essential No. 9 – Always be patient in any given situation rather than become a patient as a result of the situation.
  • Weekend Essential No. 10 – Always be contented with what you have rather than what you do not have.

Dear Friends, latch onto these key weekend essentials and see the difference in your life with immediate effect. Have a wonderful, relaxing and restful weekend. It is your time, so make the most of it.

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