Tuesday 17 May 2016

The Price you pay is the Prize you will get

The Price you pay is the Prize you will get

Quote of the day

‘Many of us equate price to money. Today I want to reiterate that price Is not equated to money but to time instead. Manage your time profitably and you will be rewarded opulently. The Price you pay is the Prize you will get.’

Welcome to the second day of the last working week of May 2016. Thank you for finding the time to read today’s inspirational news. Life is so wonderful because it belongs to us. People will want to control you as if you belong to them. Today I want to tell you and quite amicably too, that you are in charge of your life. Don’t let people brand you a low, middle or upper class. You are not. You have the same timeframe of life expectancy than anyone else. You are unique and you have dreams and visions to focus on. Some people will say that you are on the minimum wage. I say onto you and verily too that you are not on the minimum wage. You are on your wage and your wage is your time. Every second of your wonderful life is precious. Like a penny that eventually accrues to a pound, every second in your life accrues to minutes of joy and happiness. The Price you pay is the Prize you will get. Always remember this. If you want anything in life don’t attach a figure to it but attach your time instead. You cannot create time but you can certainly use your time to create money. So, when someone says that you are on a minimum wage, don’t accept it. Simply reject it and accept your time equated to 86,400 seconds as your strength and your vigour to make dreams come true. Whatever you want in life will always be your prize. People attach prices to prizes and never attain their much awaited reward. I say onto you and verily too, whatever you want in life focus on your time to work towards your prize. Access what you can do rather than what others can do for you. Some prizes take longer to achieve whilst other prizes can be achieved in no time.  Be determined. Be focus. Be resilient. Be a good manager of your time. Be professional at it. Be gentle and be patient. Whatever you want in life it will be yours. If your intent is unselfish you will be guarantee to achieve your goal. I will show you the way but you need to know exactly what you want first. Have a great day.

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