Monday 2 May 2016

May, the month of Resistivity

May, the month of Resistivity

Quote of the day

‘Resistance is the defined process to overcome your inhibitions in life, from simple and annoying embarrassments to complicating and devastating restraints.’

Good evening to you, Dear Friends. Thank you for finding the time to read my tweets. Sorry about the late tweets. Did you have a wonderful weekend filled with relaxation, rest, togetherness, happiness, laughter and never-ending fun? If you did then tomorrow shall become the start of a wonderful working week. This has been proven to be true. Don’t forget your cycle in life linked to your purpose in life, every working week is complimented by a rewarding weekend. One of the main reasons for our goals to fail is that our resistance is not strong enough. The stronger your resistance the greater your chances are to succeed.  Resistance is your ability to overcome hardship. It is your endurance to withstand the effects of severance and irreverence. It is your ultimate forbearance to overcome the common act of deterrence. During the month of May, we are going to tap into the vastness of The Universe exploring techniques to build our resistance. All material from Universally Friendly is available for free if it is available as a download. Wherever possible I try to provide tools for free because I always take into account that most of my universal friends may be struggling financially. Other material such as recommended DVDs can be acquired for the cost of manufacturing such a DVD and the postage. If you require physical products such as Books, Inspirational Picture Frames and Memory Sticks then you have to pay for it. As a Universal Friend you will receive a 20% discount at the checkout and all net proceeds are passed onto charities that we support. Physical products may be purchased from our partner affiliate, It is imperative to request related material to enhance your progress to success in 2016. The Power to resist is something that I have insist that you do. You have to persist in order to overcome your obstacles in life. To assist you I shall provide you with a printed checklist to follow which will consist of a detailed agenda from dawn to dusk. The power to resist is not an overnight miracle cure but an endearing process to assist you in overcoming your weaknesses in life. Everyone is different although we are fundamentally the same. We need to learn how to strengthen our weaknesses. Temptation has always been an obstacle in our lives from the beginning of time. It is hard to say no but always easy to say yes. I wish you an abundant working week ahead of you and may you enjoy every second of it.

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