Saturday 14 May 2016

Weekday Essentials 5 – The Word Game

Weekday Essentials 5 – The Word Game

Quote of the day

‘Communication is for interaction, reading is for abstraction, speaking is for a reaction, writing is for action. Words are the common denominator to all of these essential forms of modern day transmission. The greater the number of words you know the more effective you are at conversation, communication, adaptation, concentration, valuation, tabulation, preparation, presentation, realisation, punctuation, observation, legislation, litigation, consolidation, coordination, evaluation, information, organisation and vocalisation in any given situation.’

Bonus Quote

‘Learn a new word each month and you shall open Pandora’s Box to Success. Learn a new word each week and you shall have command over the English language. Learn a new word each day and you shall have the golden key to unleash your potential. Learn a new word every hour and you shall become the most learned person in your community. Do this consistently and you shall become one of the most learned person in the world.’

A very, very cordial welcome to your weekend. Thank you for sharing your time with me. For this I am eternally grateful. We are celebrating the 14th day of May 2016. Today’s birthdays include Janet Jackson, Pierce Brosnan and Ralph Tresvant. Famous people that were born today were Maria Gaetana Agnesi, Royal Rife, Henry Fonda, Liberace and Merton Miller. Events that took place today were the Peninsular War in 1811, the Greek War of Independence in 1822, the first Academy Awards in Hollywood and Queen Elizabeth II addresses the US Congress. Words are the foundation to your overall success. Having a vocabulary of international words enables you to chat more openly. It makes you a prime speaker in social and business conversations, it enables you to remember names, places and events. It makes you friendlier, expressive, poetic, humorous, likeable, wise, knowledgeable, matured, successful and eloquent. It is your gateway to the world of opportunities. It opens new doors to your whole career on planet Earth. It can save you in a troubled situation, it can safe someone else from an equally troubling situation and it can clear confusion in difficult situations. A new word a day in your life will enhance your true potential to succeed in life. Therefore, it forms part of the 7 weekday essentials. Dear Friends, don’t be afraid to learn a new word, whether it is technical, medical, chemical, hysterical, incomprehensible or sensible. A new word is like a new block in your foundation to success.  Every block needs to be placed one brick at a time to create strength and power to create confidence in you as a person. Start today and read something new. Find a new word or two or maybe more. Discover their meaning, write them down and use them regularly. How about a crossword a day or a new password to remember or a catchword that creates advertising slogans? What about the name of the bird that sits on your sill every summer or the butterfly that hovers over your rose petals? Do you know the names of all cabinet members, do you know the names of your neighbours or do you know the names of your co-workers? Every day is an eye-opener for new research. Can you tell the difference between a hummingbird, a ladybird, a wading bird or a thunderbird? Are your culinary skills up to par? Is there a difference between burn curd and tofu? What is edamame?  Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls it never hurts to learn something new. Live your life to the fullest. Learn a new word at a pace that suits you. Have a blessed weekend. You are special, always remember that. Take good care and enjoy every second of your exclusive time.

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