Monday 16 May 2016

Weekday Essentials 7 – An Ocean of Devotion

Weekday Essentials 7 – An Ocean of Devotion

Quote of the day

‘Success is a lot easier if you float on an ocean of devotion. An ocean of commotion always gives you the opposite effect. Devotional Service is more prolific than emotional service. It is a musical rhapsody that makes you hover into an animation of sheer magic and endless rewards.’

Good day to all my dear friends from around the world. It is good to grace your presence on this inspirational channel. Your friendship is my reward. Your kindness is my honour. Your companionship is my privilege. Today is the 1st day of yet another working week. It is a new challenge for you to seek accomplishment and fulfilment at the end of it. The stronger your resilience the greater are your chances to succeed. Eat well and you shall have the makings of a successful man or woman. Exercise with a specific routine to suit you and you shall have the armoury of a tank. Plan your weekly agenda in advance and you shall have full command of your day, your life and your ambitions. Use the right tools for the right job and you shall be proficient, efficient and sufficient for your worthy cause. Learn a new word each day and fill the library of your vast vocabulary with infinite wisdom and then use it amicably to create a working-hero on Earth. Create friends and eliminate enemies. Friendship is a way forward - animosity is the way backwards. Devotional Service is a profound attribution by your Heavenly Father. Sail into the distant horizon daily amongst a tranquil ocean of harmonic motion. You need patience to overcome adversities. You need to be calm and let the storm pass you. Once the LORD had to calm the seas to reveal to HIS disciples that they must never lose hope in a hopeless situation. The Power to succeed lies in your will to succeed. The power to overcome hurdles in your life lies in your courage to face them and then ignore them. Say to yourself ‘Avoidance is always better than Pursuance.’ Say to yourself I shall avoid confrontation but live with concentration. Say to yourself that you are special. Look into the mirror of fascination and become fascinated. You are the unique and therefore have a special place in this world. There are those that want to make you feel otherwise. Go well, be well, do well, think well, plan well and remain well. Build resistance with persistence and build resistance with assistance. Carry love in your heart and let your actions to orientated on love. Love your cause and love your life. Love the world and love all its inhabitants. Be guided by your angel and sail the oceans with a positive feeling and when there is turbulence hold tight onto your rudder. Be a gentle being that cares, shares and remains fair. Understand the need of someone else before you can understand your own needs. Cultivate good habits and relinquish older bad habits. Strengthen your life with the essentials of life. Print of the seven articles that I wrote and read it from time to time. Use it build on your resistance to overcome adversities in your life. Have a wonderful working week. It is not going to be easy to say no but with constant practice you can.

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