Wednesday 25 May 2016

146 done, 220 to go

146 done, 220 to go

Quote of the day

‘146 days have gone by in a year of change, in a year to arrange, in a year to exchange and in a year of incredible range. If you started late no worries, if you are running late don’t scurry and if you haven’t started at all there is no need to hurry. You have 220 more days to reach the summit of your dreams.’

A heartfelt welcome to the final midweek of May 2016. It certainly was the month of resistivity. Building the resistance to overcome the hurdles in your life is not a daunting task as one would expect it to be. It actually can be a haunting task if you don’t do anything about it. However, it certainly is an enchanting task if you did something about it. Time is of the essence for your time on planet Earth is finite therefore you need to perform at your level best at all times. You need to be warm and loving in your attitude towards other people and you need to transform a negative situation into a positive one. You need to conform to a certain standard that seems reasonable and you need to inform others of what is right and what is wrong. You need to form a good image of yourself that lingers in the minds of other people. You need to reform from some abnormalities that you may have. All of these things can be done for you have time to do so. Achieving goals without elementary and foundation rules is of no real value. Don’t let a single day slip pass you. Grasp onto a tiny second with all you’re might and only release it when you have used it wisely. Talk to the world in a language that is calm, gentle and unselfish. Don’t blow your top simply keep your hat on. Don’t worry if you are a late starter. Great men and women that have done good were very late starters in life. They will never be judged for their lateness but applauded for their sweetness, their greatness and their neatness. Don’t worry if you are running late for its often better late than never. It’s better to be great than full of hate. It’s better to be straight then to frustrate someone. It’s better to be a teammate rather than a cheapskate. If you haven’t started at all don’t hurry. Don’t carry an undue laden of worries or bury your troubles. Don’t feel dreary on your journey to success. Always be merry rather than weary. All things great started from nothing. Start now, start tomorrow, start next week but make a start. It is never too late for anything in life. Count your seconds as you would count your pennies. Count your blessings as you are progressing. Always be a universal friend that cares, shares and remains fair. The essence of life is not to be afraid to take a lesson in improving yourself. Love you all from the bottom of my heart. Take care wherever you go. Use every second of your life profitably.

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