Monday 9 May 2016

What is life without life itself?

What is life without life itself?
Quote of the day
‘Today I would like to start a series of seven articles called weekday essentials to assist you in making the most of your life on planet Earth. Every second is vital, therefore you need to manage your time and your finances to see your way through.’
Today is the start of a new day in a new week. We cannot hide from it for it has started and it waits for no one. So how did you start your day today? Are you worried about your life, about your future, about your children or about your finances? June 2016 is not far away, are we ready to make a change or are we going to carry our worries into the second half of the New year? One of the main reasons why there is turmoil in our daily lives is that we do not appreciate life in all its glory. To appreciate our life, we need to ask ourselves, 'What is life without life itself? Through my very own experiences in life recorded from the age of 3, I surmised that there is only one form of stress and sadly that is Financial Stress or simply FSS. FSS Stands for the Financial Stress Syndrome. As you read this article you would probably agree that if any problem is carefully analysed their symptoms will always boil down to two fundamental quanta and that is dollars and cents. Yes, Dollars and Cents the monetary brand of human existence has a gripping effect on our lives, every single day. Sadly, money over the years has become the pallbearer of ALL evil. However, it is a necessity that we cannot do without. What is your financial situation at the moment? Are you heavily borrowed or are you struggling to make ends meet? Placing reliance on MAN leaves you in this subtle and vulnerable state of affairs. Currently, MAN has left the entire world in a horrid fiscal state, where a double dip recession seems highly inevitable. What then becomes of Christmas 2016 if only a few could cherish this auspicious day whilst others do not. Twenty-one years ago I was in a financial slump, bereaving over the sudden death of my Mum, destitute, homeless and penniless. I needed to search for answers and I needed to find them quickly. I then placed FULL reliance on GOD and I got answers to ALL my questions that I often asked since a very young age. I have seen or witnessed horrific human behaviour since the age of 3, yes the age of 3, as a young boy that stood helpless whilst watching others suffer. The real question is What is life without life itself? We do not appreciate the presence of others, we shun people, fauna and flora too. We are just engrossed in our daily activities, trying to reach our financial goals at all costs, and that includes hurting others. Today I now stand helpful knowing that I, having witnessed a revelation 21 years ago can now pass this onto you so that you may change your life around like the way I did. So convenient is the title of this article, 'What is life without life itself? From my personal inquisition from The Universe, the faculty of GOD's workshop I saw life from the first instalment to life in its current appearance. Now through my endurance, experiences and exposure over the past 21 years I penned these findings in 3 books called The Modern Day Trilogy. These books are not a religious textbook and neither does it claim to be one. No, this trilogy is about human responsibility and how we all have the right to a fair and equal life on planet Earth. Would you not like to know the answers to ALL questions that remained a conjecture for so long with simple answers that ALL of us can comprehend? Take the bold step now, and be told the truth of life and its importance. Start tomorrow knowing that you can make an individual change so that an overall change can be seen. Become the essence of life by being part of it. Live each day knowing that you have a fundamental role. Live on to your rightful age on planet Earth and that is 100 years. Watch as you change, change as you watch but be the person that you are capable of. Too many years have gone by and our news headlines are deluged with repetitive news that is macabre and unimaginable. This is not the essence of life neither is it the essence of your existence. As you make your first step into a new week, make it knowing that you are embarking on a life changing career spanning the rest of your life on Earth, which 100 - YA. YA is your age! The world is indeed your oyster but the pearl is your treasure. Life is a polymorphism of designated tasks. Every creature that stands alive today is working laboriously to undertake tasks that nature requires. You are part of this jigsaw and you should therefore be not against it but for it. When the end of 2016 is at the foothills of the horizon try to look back and see what contribution you have made to the 4 letter word called LIFE!

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