Tuesday 31 May 2016

The Resistance Gauge

The Resistance Gauge

Quote of the day

‘Resistance is your forbearance to constant intimidation. It is your tolerance to common adversities in life. It is your endurance to continue despite the desire to discontinue. It is a personal challenge in your life attached to a timeframe that suits you. Finally, it is your opposition to temptation. As you develop your resistance you can see openly your strength increasing. This visualisation is called The Resistance Gauge.’

No one knows exactly what resistance is until they need to develop it. To understand resistance, we need to understand Ohm’s Law.

Ohm’s Law

‘The current passing through an electric wire at constant temperature is proportional to the potential difference on either ends of the wire.’

Current is the flow of electricity around a conductor. Current or electricity cannot flow across a non-conductor. A conductor could be a piece of copper wire and a non-conductor could be a piece of wood. If I put an obstacle in the way of a conductor like a resistor I can actually slow down the flow of electricity across that conductor. The greater the value of my resistance the slower is the flow of electricity in that conductor. Dimmer switches at home are classic examples of everyday resistors that we use. As we lower the resistance of the dimmer switch the brighter the light becomes and conversely as we increase the resistance the dimmer the light becomes. Our journey in life is like a flow of electricity around a piece of wire. I want you to imagine this piece of as long as 100 years. Our starting point in the conductor of life is at birth. Life is really wonderful however along our journey we encounter resistances that tend to slow us down or stop us in our track. To overcome these resistances, I want you to develop with my help the counterforces needed to overcome these obstacles. Forbearance is one of them. Forbearance teaches you about patience and self-control when a resistor holding a value called intimidation stops you. Intimidation will always be there. I once thought that when I left school I would leave behind the horrid tragedies of bullying. Unfortunately bullying exists everywhere. It exists in the squalors of life and in it exists in the luxuries of life. The next counterforce is called Tolerance. Tolerance is about being open-minded about the little things in life and the bigger things in life. It is about becoming less emotional and more controllable. It is about letting bygones be bygones. It is about maintaining a strong mind-set without getting upset. The next counterforce is Endurance which is your staying power. Your stamina is your phenomenon that defines you and refines you. Your next counterforce is opposition. Opposition is your mission and ambition in life. It is your earthly mission to say no to temptation. It is also your ambition to overcome the diversity of temptation. Temptation started in the Garden of Eden. Like Ivy it is has weaved itself into the tapestry of life. You cannot recognise it because it looks normal. You cannot see it because it is camouflaged. You cannot feel it even though it is omnipresent. Opposition is your resistance to overcome the adversities of life from the puddle in the street to the muddle in the sidewalks. I want you to determine your resistance as of today and slowly increase it during the rest of 2016. We need to move up along the Resistance Gauge. As we bid farewell to a wonderful month in May I want you to reflect on the last 31 articles and use it as your foundation to create a strong resistance. Join me tomorrow at the crack of dawn as we welcome a new month into our lives, I call it the month of Selectivity.

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