Friday 20 May 2016

‘Finding out the truth helps you to find out your purpose in life.’

‘Finding out the truth helps you to find out your purpose in life.’

Quote of the day

Speak the truth, tell the truth, think truly, act truthfully, go to bed knowing the truth, wake up to discover the truth, talk the truth, listen to the truth, discover the truth and recover from the truth. Do this daily and you shall find out your real purpose in life.’

Bonus Quote

‘Everything in life has a purpose. Animals do, plants do too. We have a purpose and so do objects. A light post has a purpose, so does a mountain. Everything you see, feel and acquire has a purpose.’

Welcome to the final day of another working week in the gallant month of May 2016. May your efforts this week be rewarded with a splendid weekend. Dear Friends, I chose to write these articles based on the TRUTH because I believe there is nothing better than the TRUTH. The word TRUTH can be used as an acronym too for it actually holds five magical words for our personal use.

Special Quote

‘The word TRUTH contains five magical words: Training, Righteousness, Understanding, Trust and Happiness.’

Proper Training is an absolute must for all meritocratic goal setters. Training is Education. It is the Science of Exercising, Preparing, Instructing and Guiding. Speaking and listening to the truth ensures you get the right training. Righteousness is about setting standards in Education, it is based on good morals and good standards. Teach a child the truth and they shall become good, moral and honest. Teach a child lies and they shall become bad, immoral and dishonest. Understanding the Truth is important. The Truth is about the life and the purpose of it. A righteous lifestyle is more productive in the long run. An unrighteous lifestyle gives a momentary lapse of joy and happiness. It usually lasts for probably a day or two. When you speak the TRUTH you create Trust. Trust is the foundation to true friendship. Friends are a necessity in a vast planet like ours. We need friends to overcome enemies. We need friends to exchange knowledge. We need friends to make the world a better place. If you want Happiness in your life you need to find the right Training to live a righteous life.  When the Truth is uttered you need to understand it. Once understood you need to pass it on. This creates Trust. A lot of people keep information for themselves. They hide it under a closet. This generally dissolves Trust. Please do join me over the weekend when you shall speak more about the truth and nothing but the truth.  

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