Friday 13 May 2016

Weekday Essentials 4 – A Perfect School with Perfect Tools

Weekday Essentials 4 – A Perfect School with Perfect Tools

Quote of the day

‘An Academy for Learning is not defined by the quality of graduates that come out of it but by the quality of the quantitative and qualitative analysis that goes into it. To find solutions to problems there must always be an easy road ahead rather than a huge fee to gain acceptance. To find love there must be purity, surety and security first. To find friends there must be no enemies at the gate of knowledge. To find knowledge there must always be a college of trust, a library of freedom to access information, a hallmark of absolute clarity, a lobby of prosperity and a college of popularity.’

Welcome to the final working day of another working week in our journey to life on planet Earth. It is great and wonderful to have you on board. It is the fourth day in our series called Weekday Essentials. In the first day we touched on the Science of Eating. This is a Science because it is knowledge about foods and the skill to separate good foods from bad foods. On the second day we spoke about sequential tasking and its importance on the running of your day to day affairs. Accomplishment and fulfilment must be the order of the day. On the third day we spoke about the Science of keeping Fit. It too is a Science because it is knowledge based and from it you need discipline to pursue it. Today it’s all about tools for you to succeed. In every aspect of our daily lives we depend on tools to make our day easier and more efficient. Mobiles for communication, laptops for preparation and presentation, vehicles for transportation, spanners for mechanisation, garden forks for fertilisation, tractors for cultivation, calculators for calculation, microphones for conversation, articles for motivation, tweets for inspirations, books for aspiration and quotes for illustration. Dear Friends, to reach the pinnacle of your ultimate success you need to ensure that you have the right tool for the job. The Universally Friendly Academy of Learning has a huge resource of tools that you could use to improve your life. More importantly most of these tools are free. Your life as I repeatedly stated is a precious gift bestowed upon you. Every day is a critical part of your entire life. Aim to create good days in your life. Every day that passes you must be a bubble of fun, laughter and happiness. Use a specific tool adapted for the trade. Every tool that you use must be used in the right way. Always follow the instructions that has previously worked and comes with the tool. Don't go it alone. Don't try to reinvent the wheel when it is already been in used for millenniums. You can modify it suit your circumstances. Tomorrow we shall look at the 5th instalment in this series. I wish you a wonderful weekend from the bottom of my heart. Take good care.

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