Sunday 8 May 2016

Happy Foods

Happy Foods

Quote of the day

‘One of the key generators to happiness is foods, categorised essentially as happy foods. Happy foods are called happy because they have the right constituents to create little bubbles of energy to drive you to be happy all day.’

A very Happy Sunday to you from me, Anthony Pan on an illustrious Sunday where the Sun today makes its appearance in a magnificent way. The Sun is also a generator of Happiness. Sunshine always brings home a happy smile. It is a wake-up call to create a day of remembrance, a day of fulfilment and a day of joy and happiness. Happy Foods are categorised by their colour, natural state and by their distinct smells. The green Happy Foods are good for you. They are the carriers of reminders, reminding us that we need to be green, act green and eat green. Green Foods that come to mind are broccoli, edamame, watercress, spinach, herbs, avocados, kale, prickly pears, kiwi fruits and seaweed. The next category of happy foods is colourful foods. The fruits take their precedent here. Good fruits help to create the perfect blend of goodness, kindness and gentleness to your system. Good fruits that spring to mind are acai berries. apples, bananas, grapefruits, blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries and citrus fruits. Harmony Foods are the next category. Harmony Foods are called harmony when you get children involved in the preparation. Suddenly the kitchen becomes a hub of activity, a library of information and a playground of knowledge. Harmony Foods are you grains that take away the strains in your life. The pulses that regulate your own pulse and the noisy foods that create character sounds when eaten. Next comes the muscle builders or the protein foods. Protein foods are good for all ages and the eggs, cereals and nuts are the recommended ones. The next category is the snack foods. Snack foods or Natural foods are foods that you can eat without changing their chemistry. These foods are carrots, celery sticks, cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, pears, apples, mangoes and beetroot. Finally, there are the Moderate Foods. I call them moderate foods because you need to eat them in strict moderation. These foods are vital core ingredients to your success but need to be eaten in scanty amounts. Such foods are your cereal, your breads, your rice, your noodles and your pastas. There is one category of food to also include which you may not like at all and this is called the Elimination Foods. I say onto to you and verily too, if you can eliminate them, then eliminate them with immediate effect. You don’t need them in your diet and you can live more confidently without them in the years ahead. These foods are your meats, poultry and certain fish such as the shellfish. Red meats are usually pumped with nitrates to visually make the meat to appear red. Such additives are carcinogenic. Carcinogenic foods put you to the risk of having cancer. Also try to eliminate foods that are cariogenic such as sweets. Cariogenic Foods promote the development of tooth decay. Dear Friends, always live in the happy medium. Surround yourself with happiness. Make you shopping basket look happy. Bring in the family into the kitchen and educate them on what is right and what is wrong. Pay more and get less at the supermarket checkout. Don’t pay less to get more. Have a wonderful Sunday. Be rested, be relaxed, be happy, be joyful, be friendly, be understanding and always be friendly.

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