Tuesday 10 May 2016

Weekday Essentials 1 – Combination Foods

Weekday Essentials 1 – Combination Foods

Quote of the day

‘Combining your foods in an elegant and colourful way helps make your working week more fulfilling. It’s all about portions to eliminate stomach torsions. It is all about combination foods that eliminate domination foods from your diet. It is all about kitchen creation, customer admiration, sincere participation and outstanding preparation.’

Welcome to the 10th day of May 2016, thank you for sharing this day with me. The 1st Weekday Essentials is called Combination Foods. Combination Foods is about delivering portioned meals to your dining table and eating them slowly to eliminate stomach torsions. Reverse this elementary process and you will experience stomach torsions as a result of eating an unbalanced meal. Making conversation during meals helps because it enables you to experience fine dining without the whining. Chew your foods slowly, make conversation in between, show compliments, deliver accomplishment and avoid incompetence. It is all about refining your current dietary habits. It starts by defining your menus and then combining certain foods in an elegant and colourful way. Out goes the antacids and the excessive acids. It is all about neutrality. A balanced meal cultivates a balanced sleep. A balanced meal creates a balanced day. A balanced meal maintains a balanced BMI. Dear Friends, combination foods eliminate domination foods. Let me illustrate the contrasting differences be combination and domination foods. Combination foods is about elegance, colour and portions. A portion of fish and chips changes to a baked fish, baked wedges, mushy peas and some corn. Two foods with similar ingredients but one lacks the elegance, colour and portions whilst the other does. Domination Foods are enticing, they are tasty but they are less inspiring and more inviting. An example would be a portion of chips, fried in deep oil, topped with excessive salt and sauces of your choice. Tasty indeed, but as wicked as pasties and pastry. Moderation and consideration still applies. If you like the domination foods, then be moderate and considerate. If you need to switch to Combination foods, then remain moderate and considerate too. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I say onto you and verily too display kitchen creation, customer admiration, sincere participation and outstanding preparation at all times. Kitchen Creation helps you to be creative rather than dull during your preparation process. Customer satisfaction is important and critical. If you are in business, you need to place emphasise on this. If you are cooking for the family, you need to input goodness into your foods to get goodness out of your family. Good foods always create good moods. Bad foods will create bad moods. This can easily be proven to be true. Participation manifests into outstanding preparation. Living everything in the hands of one person is hard and selfish. You need to participate. Choose a kitchen chore for the day and do it with a feeling of adore rather than abhor. Sticking to this weekly essential will help you reap the benefits of an accomplished and fulfilling working week. Please stay tuned in on a daily basis for the next six weekly essentials.  Your seven weekly essentials are always strictly confidential, delicately sequential and typically quintessential. I called it strictly confidential because it is about you and your success. Do it right and you will always be successful. It is delicately sequential because you need to focus on the one before you can move to the next weekly essential. Do one at a time and gain the results bespoke to your needs rather than all seven in one go and get no results at all. Show by example, lead by example and do by example makes your seven weekly essentials typically quintessential.  Have a wonderful Tuesday. Aim to please, don’t blame to displease. PS: what do you think are the next 6 weekly essentials.

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