Friday 6 May 2016

The Symbol of life.

The Symbol of life.

Quote of the day

‘The symbol of life is life itself. In its infinitesimally small capacity life is so clear when seen under a microscope. There is transparency, clarity, familiarity, regularity and purity. In its colossal size life is equally transparent, clear, familiar, regular and pure.

Welcome to the end of the 1st working week of May 2016. Thank you for joining me on another day of adventure and exploration. I call life an adventure because we are constantly learning irrespective of how old we really are. A wise person is always open to new revelations. It is also an exploration as we discover new breakthroughs, search for our defined purpose and live to seek longevity. As a result, each one of us holds a symbol to life itself. Every individual alive from water fleas to whales has a purpose. The next Law of the Universe of which we covered several already states the following:

Bonus Quote

The 7th Law of The Universe

‘All creatures big or small has a fundamental purpose in life. This purpose is credited to their stature and their eminence. If such a stature and eminence is no longer needed than that creature big or small will be made redundant.’

As I speak, we are here on this day the 6th of May 2016. We exist and therefore we have a purpose or to put it in different words we are the symbol of life. With a noted stature and eminence consisting of distinct appendages and a developed brain we can do things that other creatures cannot. Therefore, we are ranked high in the chain of all living creatures. Hence we hold the title of sole custodians of our domain. Dear Friends, in order to build your resistance against disobedience you need to recognise your symbol in life. Building your resistance takes time. It is hard to say no and it always easier to say yes. Today I want you to learn to say I will think about it. If someone pushes you to a decision walk away. Focus on your purpose. The purpose of your life is not linked to your profession. Let me characterise the distinct difference.

Bonus Quote

Profession and Purpose

‘A person’s profession changes all the time but their purpose in life remains the same. Profession is linked to materialistic compensation whereas purpose is linked to divine compensation.’

Whether you are a driver or a diver, a janitor or a monitor, a teacher or a preacher, an artisan or a partisan, a transporter or a reporter, a porter or a sorter, a filmmaker or a dressmaker, a caretaker or an undertaker, a barrister or an ambassador, a glider or a rider, a mentor or an inventor, a technician or a magician, a florist or a guitarist, a salesman or saleswoman, a developer or a competitor, a confectioner or messenger it is just a profession for materialistic compensation. To be successful and to develop a full bodied resistance you need to understand your overall purpose in life. To remind you of this, it is to love to live and live to love. It is to understand to be understood and to be understood to understand. It is to care, share and remain fair. It is to care for all and not just for a few. It is to share your last meal without a squeal. It is about been fair to all. To be kind when unkindness dominates the arena. To be gentle when aggravation is catapulted out of control. Yes, Dear Friends the power to resist is an art that needs to be developed. It is not an overnight process but an endearing experience. It is about knowing and also about showing too. It is giving in the same way as receiving. This is and remains the selective science of Resistance. Have a wonderful Friday and always remember for your gallant efforts this working week a private weekend of your own awaits you. Enjoy it, cherish it, embrace, live it, treasure it, unite all weekend, laugh every second long the way, create harmony and build confidence.

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