Wednesday 18 May 2016

Confidence Building

Confidence Building

Quote of the day

‘Anything is possible in life if you have confidence in your abilities. I called it the BAFTA accreditation. BAFTA stands for Belief, Assurance, Faith, Trust and Accomplishment. To achieve the BAFTA accolade, you need Confidence Building.’

Welcome to midweek, Dear Friends. We have surpassed the middle of the month of May and reached another midweek too. We all lack the confidence when it comes to long-term prosperity. We have the confidence in other people’s competence but not in our own. We look at prominence in someone else but not in our own. We look at the opulence of the rich with little confidence of our own riches. At the end of the day we are all human beings with the same anatomy, body chemistry and mind-set. Why do we lack confidence? Do we have a phobia to make a gallant entry into the world of success? Are we afraid that we cannot look better, feel better or do better because we lack confidence? Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls if you want anything in the world it will be yours if you apply the right formula to achieve it. If your request is unselfish you will always be guaranteed to be rewarded for your patience and your tolerance. The BAFTA Formula is simple and works like this. BAFTA stands for five important words: Belief, Assurance, Faith, Trust and Accomplishment. Apply these words to your daily agenda and you will flourish like a tropical forest of jacaranda trees. If you believe in yourself, you already have taken the first step to your overall success. One of the key points to remember is the ability to differentiate between real goals and surreal goals. If your goal is real, then it is very likely that you will achieve it because it is doable and suitable for you. Surreal Goals are goals based on fantasy and does not necessarily require much effort to accomplish because they usually start out as a fantasy and end up as a travesty. Assurance is a personal pledge that one makes to commit to a real goal be it a new home, a new car or a new job. Assurance is your insurance to succeed. It insures that your goal is doable and suitable. If your goal is unselfish you are guaranteed to achieve it. Faith is not just about your belief in Almighty GOD but also in the system itself. If you want to become a teacher you need faith in the education system. If you want to become a homeowner then you need faith in yourself to save, borrow and pay. Trust works if you trust in ALL and not just in a few. Trust in Almighty GOD. Do you recall when I asked you to carry your TAG. TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD. In the way you Trust Almighty GOD you need trust in the system, in yourself, in your family, in your friends and in your peers. Finally comes Accomplishment. Accomplishment is the will to succeed. It is about the realisation of your workload and the finalisation of your goals. You cannot be accomplished if you lack confidence, in other words if you do not have belief, assurance, faith and trust. I wish you a relaxing evening and look forward to seeing you tomorrow on our favourite inspirational channel.

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