Monday 23 May 2016



Quote of the day

‘Spice is Seasoning to liven your meals, a Pizzazz to liven your dreams, an Inspiration to liven your spirits, a Colour to liven your appearance and an Excitement to liven up your life. SPICE is really NICE.’

Welcome to the 24th day of May 2016. It is good to have you on board. It is our private journey to your personal success. You cannot really define success. To a Hare Krishna devotee success is not quantified by materialistic values. To financial success we often relate this to a monetary value. When I talk success I talk about success in all categories. Success is like a substrate underlining a fertile plain of life where you, me, him, her or them can catalytically make dreams come true. Whatever those dreams are is of little relevance because we all have different aspirations derived from different sources of inspirations. A dream is a dream. It is personal and doable if you believe wholeheartedly in it. If your passion and desire is strong then you are on your way to victory. Adding a little SPICE to your life is always NICE. Using the word SPICE as an acronym yields five useful words for any meritocratic goal setter. These words are Seasoning, Pizzazz, Inspiration, Colour and Excitement. Seasoning is a must for the great food connoisseur. Seasoning is about flavour taking natural foods and pumping them up to something exotic, palatable and flavoursome. A little of this and a little of that is the ideal formula to good culinary skills. Eat well and remain well. If you are well then your output will be good. Wellness creates selfless, fullness and endless awareness. To liven your dreams with energy you a need a drizzle of pizzazz. From the seasoning of your foods comes the perfect recipe to a good sleep. Sleep well and you shall dream well. Pizzazz is about interesting dreams that drive you to a point of excitement and passion. You cannot make dreams turn into reality if you lack inspiration. Inspiration is the talk of the successors in life. Successful people will always tell you that their success came from inspiration. Inspiration is like a stimulus to get you started from the heavens above. It is like matches to a fire, a spark to combust fuel, acid to digest food, love to create harmony, music to soothe your soul and teamwork to make dreams work. Colour takes the monochromatic style of an individual to different levels in life. Indistinctive traits become traits of distinction. An insipid lifestyle becomes exciting. A characterless person becomes full of character. Adding colour to your life in drapes of fashion and in shades of passion makes every second of your life full of excitement. A life of excitement is about the constant enthusiasm you possess to live your life to the fullest. It is about living in anticipation of the next second, and the next and the next. It is about being stimulated to become animated. Dear Friends, always remember that adding SPICE to your life is NICE. Have a great evening. You deserve it.

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