Sunday 15 May 2016

Weekday Essentials 6 – The Modern Trend is endless Friends

Weekday Essentials 6 – The Modern Trend is endless Friends

Quote of the day

‘The Modern Trend to endless Friends is the hallmark to ultimate success. You cannot be deemed successful if you leave behind a trail of enemies. To make and retain a friend a day culminates to a lifetime of noted achievements. To make and retain an enemy a day culminates to lifetime of noted failures.’

Previous Quote

‘The bandwidth to friendship is infinite, but to attach a realistic figure to such a friendship I think 7 billion will suffice. Therefore, I say onto you and verily too, go out of your way to make friends and eliminate enemies.’

Welcome to a blessed Sunday. It is a day where the making of peace enters your heart and a day when stress leaves your heart. You can feel it so easily. It is a day where nothing can trouble you. It is a day where the angels take a breather too. It is a day when love is so clearly visible as far away as the north pole and as near as your nearest soulmate. It is a day when we realise how important friends are. It is a day when we realise that families are friends and friends are families. It is a day when the gates of heaven open and allow you to enter into a journey of bliss, awe and tranquillity. Dear Friends, I regard you as my eternal friends. Without you I shall have a dormant social media network. You have given me the courage to write. I write with love to generate love in your heart. I write to touch your soul with the warmth of hope and continued courage. I write to assist you and to encourage you to overcome hurdles in your life. I write daily whether I am tired or exhausted. This is my pledge to my eternal friends that I will always love. Without friendship we shall be no more. We shall live without a purpose or a destiny. Without friends we shall live in fear, with a constant tear, in a dull atmosphere, fully unaware of the next second and beyond. Without friends there isn’t a shoulder to lean on, a set of ears to whisper into or a pillar of strength to seek support. Without friends, life is lonely, life as bitter ends, undulating bends and a period of constant amends. Without friends our life is shattered by deep regrets, painful memories, hopelessness, difficulties and insecurities. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls cultivate friends from now on. Be understanding towards another being. Make allowances for their temperament. Always be prepared to walk away from confrontation and predation. A friend a day keeps enemies away. A friend cares, shares and always remains fair. I wish you well as you work your way into another working week that awaits you as the sun sets and rises yet again.

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