Saturday 28 May 2016

Q&A – Part 1

Q&A – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘Q&A, from the desk of Anthony Pan is a useful resource for ALL Universal Friends. A Question that remains unanswered can leave your life void and without purpose. A Question that comes with a valid answer makes one’s life more meaningful and purposeful.’

A gracious welcome to the last weekend of May 2016. Please make the most of your precious mini-break. You worked tediously hard in the last 27 days. Such a noted input always deserves a rewarded output. June 2016 is waiting for us along the horizon of expectancy, hidden in a cloud of suspense, drenched in frankincense, filled with common-sense and ladled with success. Today I want to share with you the range of tools Universally Friendly can offer you to alleviate your possible pain and suffering. Our motto is to care, share and remain fair. I will always stand by this. I was once given a second chance now it is my solemn duty to give you a second chance. Many emails, texts, DMs and RTs come my way with a question. These questions need a well-deserved answer. I will tell you why. 21 years ago I sat crouched in a daze of confusion, in a maze of isolation and in a phase of exclusion. I was penniless, homeless, filled with emptiness, in a state of absentmindedness, blinded with anxiousness and defiantly clouded with bitterness. I lost my Mum under the most bizarre and tragic circumstances. I was ready to end my life. Like a new month or a new year an aperture of hope shone into the hopelessness that I placed myself in. I asked questions and suddenly after 35 years of an earthly life I received answers. I received answers that were totally conclusive. Today I reach out to you like a paramedic to a roadside victim or a recovery technician to a stranded motorist. I offer answers to ALL your questions, from A – Z. Universally Friendly is indeed a circle of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. In Part 2 tomorrow we shall explore some of these questions and their relevant answers. As you can so clearly see Universally Friendly is a support base for friends around the world that experience difficulties in their lives. To summarise. We are the publishers of eBooks, Books, DVDs, CDs, Motivational Materials such as Prints and Picture Frames. We are also suppliers of daily inspirational and motivational content to assist you along you journey to success. There are articles too and free ‘handouts’ in our regularly updated blogs. and There are 190 HD Inspirational videos to motivate and inspire you too. These may be viewed at There are newsletters, newspapers, job opportunities, business opportunities and a lot more. Your participation is about causation, translation, allocation, liberation, stimulation, transformation and determination. Causation is the gradual process to take relevant action. Translation is about taking relevant inspiration content and moulding into your case scenario. Allocation is about time. Time is precious therefore we need to allocate time slots in the day to do specific tasks. Liberation is the final victory. It is about liberating yourself from the bondages of your dilemmas. Stimulation is about finding the right potion to anoint your damaged portfolio irrespective of what caused it. Transformation is an open journey along your road to success. It is visible from day 1 because you took action. It is a miracle on the last day because you persevered. Determination is the ardent process to keep going even when the going gets tough. Determination is your willpower to sweep across the peaks and troughs of modern day adversities. Dear Friends, always rely on UFA for your personal guidance to success. Help is here but you need to participate. Ink spilt on a carpet cannot vanish unless you take action. I will supply the cleanser and the tools but you need to use it to remove it. Have a great Saturday. Fill the content of your day with speckles of joy and happiness that lights up your home with harmony and symphony.

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