Saturday 21 May 2016

The TRUTH brings out the youth in you.

The TRUTH brings out the youth in you.

Quote of the day

‘When we were once in our formative years we indulged in the privileges of sanctity for we knew nothing about lying. We learnt what we were taught and we taught what we learned as we grew older. As we grew wiser we discovered what was right and what was wrong. Righteousness made us truthful, being truthful makes us youthful once more.’

Good day to all my special friends from around the world on our special time off called by many the weekend but I prefer to call it my mini vacation. It is my 48 hours to do as I please and to please as I do. It is your 48 hours too to indulge in the splendour and grandeur of life. Always look at your weekends as 52 mini vacations per year. This pumps up your enthusiasm to achieve more and more in life. Achievers we are and achievers we shall always be. As meritocratic goal setters of the 21st Century our common dialect is the TRUTH. When we speak the TRUTH we always find that inner feeling of freedom and valour. It is a feeling that I would like to keep at all times. It is a feeling of youthfulness reminding us of our formative years as grew from a baby to a young adult. Youthfulness is a feeling of young energy waiting to tear down any obstacles that hinder our progress and possible sufferings. Dear Friends speak the truth so that you can bring out the youth in you. Have a wonderful evening,

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