Thursday 5 May 2016

Love needs to be deployed at all times.

      Love needs to be deployed at all times.

Quote of the day

‘The amalgamator to any success story is love. It unites your abilities with your capabilities, it makes you blend in with modern times and it combines all your goals onto a platform of greatness and worthiness.’

Welcome to the penultimate working day of the first working week of May 2016. Thank you ever so much for joining me daily. For this I am unduly grateful. You give me inspiration to create inspiration. You give me love to love you equally if not more. Love is the amalgamator to success and today I would like to take this opportunity to talk about love and for you to explore it over your weekend. I am sure as much as I am, that you would like to find that special ‘glue’ that makes miracles work in your life. Love is such a strong and emotional force that can topple over the greatest temptation set upon you by the winds of darkness. The key ingredient to love is CIP which is Consistence, Insistence and Persistence. Such a strong aura around you can ward of the greatest threats in your life. Animals are not a danger to you. Plants are not a danger to you. Aliens are not a danger to you. However, the tainted heart of some men are. Man is good in the original form but over the millenniums as changed by a tempting force called GREED. GREED can sap your energies away from you. Greed can alter your vision of righteousness. Greed can make enemies and can make you go to war. Greed is the manipulator to destruction. Greed is a contending force. Love is the switch that changes everything. Without love you simply cannot do anything.  You may thing you succeeded but your foundation will always be weak. You need to create the right texture in the rainbow of your dreams. Love is like a gliding kite hovering in the wind but never lost. Love is like a burning candle lighting the darkness to illusion and confusion. Love is soft, sweet, gentle and forever young. Love is like a plume, so distinct in a male birds and so noticeable in a righteous trail. Love is a glow that flickers like a star and follows you to the end of time. Love is energy that is always positive and vibrant. Love is a melody that sends a tingling sensation down your spine and goose pimples on your arms. Love is divine. Love wakes up a new day and closes a chapter on victory, success and glory. Love is an angel. It is pure, sure and reassuring. It is life and it is embracing. It is about living. It is about creating friends. It is about the birds, the bees and the butterflies that remind us of the beauty of the Creation. It is about you and me, it is about them and those that are far away. It is about distance, time and evaluation. It is about the purpose of living and about living it forever and ever. It is about waking up and creating joy and happiness like never before. It is a story of two people that once started on a long journey that created over billion other people. It is about the seasons, it is about great men and women that moved mountains and rivers to create comfort for you and me. It is an essential and core ingredient to your overall success. Without it you will never find success, perhaps pseudo-success. Learn to love, learn to live, learn to create, learn to save, learn to venture, learn to guide, learn to do right and learn to remain humane. Have a lovely and loving day. With love and best wishes from your eternal friend, Anthony.

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