Wednesday 4 May 2016

Resistance is your primary defence during your Earthly Existence.

Resistance is your primary defence during your Earthly Existence.

Quote of the day

‘Resistance is your primary defence during your Earthly Existence. It provides you with assistance when needed and keeps your distance from trouble. To make resistance work for you need CIP. In others words you need Consistence, Insistence and Persistence.’

Welcome to the 1st midweek of May 2016. It is great to share an evening of inspiration with you. There are so many adversities in life which can cripple our lifestyle, therefore we need to develop the power to resist. How do you resist a slice of fresh cream gateaux? The answer is you don’t. It is all about moderation and a consideration.  Moderation enables you to enjoy a slice of extravagance, consideration enables you to share this bit of extravagance. You need to have consistence in your efforts to resist. The other method is to switch your polarity from lust to love and sad to happy. Here you need to be persistent at all times moving dreaded feelings into confident ones. The first switch is always the hardest. Be persistent and insistent and you will see results eventually. Resistance could be physical too as depicted in today’s picture. Strength always overcomes weaknesses. Opportunities will always overcome threats. The Art or Science of Resistance is an important defence mechanism to a successful meritocratic goal setter. There will always be someone out there waiting to see you fail. Little said about yourself the better it is in the long run. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we see oppression, digression, depression and suppression in People from all over the world. We simply do not want to be exploited like this. We need to resist oppression, digression, depression and suppression. We shall expand on these principles during the month of May 2016. Have a peaceful evening and dream about a life that is wonderful, enjoyable and free. 

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