Thursday 12 May 2016

Weekday Essentials 3 – Commit to be Fit

Weekday Essentials 3 – Commit to be Fit

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‘To be fit requires a certain degree of commitment. Such a commitment follows a protocol: Find it, get it, make it, do it and lose it.’

Greetings to all of you and welcome to the third instalment of our Weekday Essentials. I am hope that you are enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it. As much as it is for you it is also for me. I am no different to you. My primary objective in life is to get it right every second from now on. Committing to be fit is a must for all meritocratic goal setters. You must commit to something that you feel comfortable with. 21 years ago I started at the bottom of the rung of the success ladder. When it came to fitness I started something that become a ritual. I started to walk. My car was by far my most common form of mobility. When I decided to take the 1st step it was like walking on the moon. I did not know for how long I could pursue a rigorous journey and then I resorted to common-sense. I decided to walk to the post-box and then progressed to the shopping mall and today I walk the foothills of success as a rambler, an ambler and a noted walker. I stuck to an exercise regime that suited me and maintained my pace with a happy face and in any place. To assist you in choosing the right exercise regime I want you to follow a protocol: ‘Find it, get it, make it, do it and lose it.’ I want you to find the right exercise routine that suits you. I suggested a few but I want your search to be endless. Once found I want you to get it. If it is a video, if it is from your own research at a library or a bookstore you must get it all costs. What follows next is I want you to make it. I want you to make time in the day to perform your chosen exercise. Start simple like I did but I need to emphasis, you need to do it. Many a folk will get it but will not make it let alone do it. A book or DVD or even some apparatus always ends up in the shed or the attic because we simply did not Find it, get it, make it, do it and lose it. To make a commitment to do it must be a strong one. Getting someone involved like your spouse or a friend fortifies this urge. Do it and watch how you will lose it. Doing something consistently always yields spectacular results. You will certainly lose weight effectively and achieve the perfect BMI. Thus far we have looked at 3 weekday essentials. There are four more left. I look forward to publishing the 4th article in this series around this time tomorrow evening Have a relaxing evening and always remember to carry your seven weekday essentials with you at all times.

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