Monday 30 May 2016

A little help from a Friend

A little help from a Friend

Quote of the day

‘Sometimes little things in life are more effective than the complicated ones. Today I created a simple list of little things in life to spur your entry into the month of June 2016.’

A warm and cheery welcome to the 1st day of a new working week made up of two crucial parts. The 1st part is the firm farewell to May 2016, the month of Resistivity. The 2nd part is the informed welcome to the month of June 2016, the month of Selectivity. To help you merge the two together I complied for your perusal a series of dos and don’ts. Don’t be problematic, be systematic in all that you do. Problems compound to even greater problems. Being systematic makes you more organised. Don’t be melodramatic, be diplomatic in all your affairs. Showing emotional content in your work lowers your esteem. I think you need to be sensitive over someone else’s feelings. Don’t be irrational, but be rational instead. A rational person generally grows wiser by the hour and shows better judgment by the second. Don’t procrastinate, it is often better to consolidate. Procrastination refers to common delays and postponements. Consolidation overcomes delays by taking away the dismay and the disarray caused by those unforeseen moments. Don’t be hostile, try to be more docile. Aggression always leads to depression. Passiveness on the other hand leads to attractiveness. Don’t be a miser, just try to learn to become wiser. A miser will be the advisor to do wrong and the divisor to create wrong. A wise one will always be the advisor to do right and the divisor to do right at all times. They always learn from their mistakes. Don’t be a despondent informer but work towards be a well-informed correspondent.  A despondent will always speculate when they converse. In reverse a correspondent will always adjudicate when they converse. Don’t be bitter, but try your utmost to be better. A bitter person will always be the first to be a quitter. A better person will always be the first to glitter with signpost of a winner. Don’t be greedy, cheeky, seedy or a real meanie. Try to think of the needy first. Offer them the remedy to help them come out of their tragedy. It’s the little things in life that jolt our senses to turn the tables around and change negative situations into positive ones. Have a wonderful start to your new working week. To some it is a Bank Holiday and to others it isn’t.  I say onto you and verily too every second of your life is the same. Apply simple anecdotes to create simple antidotes.

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