Wednesday 11 May 2016

Weekday Essentials 2 – Sequential Tasks

Weekday Essentials 2 – Sequential Tasks

Quote of the day

‘Sequential tasks are more effective than random tasks. They are the chemistry to create accomplishment and fulfilment at the end of your illustrious day. They consist of time segments in your day to direct you to amalgamate your energies in a specific way, to demonstrate your true abilities to get the job done, to estimate when the job gets done and to navigate your journey along your exciting day.’

Welcome to the 2nd midweek of May 2016. Thank you sincerely for all your kind appreciation of my daily inspirational content. If it helps you to attain a better day pass it on to other people that needs inspiration too. It will be a blessing for you. The second instalment in this series is called ‘Sequential Tasks’. Sequential Tasks starts with pen and paper rather than mind over matter. Committing to paper makes you aware of your daily responsibilities. It is important to commit to paper with sincerity. Sincerity in your day is linked to keywords yet again. To help remind you of these keywords I want you to use the acronym I CAN DO IT. I CAN DO IT stands for Illustrate, Calculate, Amalgamate, Navigate, Dedicate, Operate, Investigate and Tabulate. Writing down your daily tasks illustrates your commitment to succeed. Calculating your time allocation for each task ensures that you are on the right path. Amalgamating tasks in a specific way ensures that you are coherent, consistent and passionate about what you are doing. Navigating your way through your somewhat hectic day ensures that you are in control of your day. Dedication is about passion and desire. Without dedication you are just a wanderer in a world of confusion. Operation Zone is a must for all meritocratic goal setters. You need to operate in a systematic way fuelled with the right nutrients and energised with the right exercise routine. Investigation is your back up plan. When something goes wrong you need to ask why then remedy with immediate effect. Seek help if needed. Tabulation displays your academic skills to perform in an orderly fashion. What you input into your cluster of tables determines the output to your overall success. Sequential Tasks must be done daily. Every second of your life is accountable therefore careful management of your life, time and money will help you. Tomorrow we shall continue with the next instalment, can you guess what it might be? Have a great evening. Always remember to chant the mantra ‘I CAN DO IT’. ‘I CAN DO IT’. ‘I CAN DO IT’.

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